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The north and south labour systems and effect on American Civil War - Essay Example

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In his book, Half Slave and Half Free: The Roots of Civil War Bruce Levine captures the events that led to the civil war in the United States of America. The book looks at the United States of America as it began to widen and eventually separated towards two opposing poles. …
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The north and south labour systems and effect on American Civil War
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"The north and south labour systems and effect on American Civil War"

Download file to see previous pages According to Levine (2005), southern secession happened because they wanted to fight for the maintenance of the slavery institution in the United States of America. This is because their economy largely depended on the labor that was provided mainly by slaves. The northern part had grown economically because of the increased immigration from Europe. Therefore, they had enough labor for their production activities. There were many industries in the north and people enjoyed liberty and freedom that was characterized by the availability of land for everyone. On the other hand, the south depended on bonded labor for production. Few people owned large parcels of land in the south with many people owning small pieces of land. Many others were slaves and had to work on the large farms owned by few.
In the years before the start of the civil war, Americans in the North and Northern west had different economic interests with the Americans living in the South and Southwest America. Despite the fact that the civil war in America was caused by a combination of other factors, the divergent economic interests contributed to the animosity that existed between the North and the South. They contributed to the establishment of the confederacy and the victory achieved by the union. The United States of America was an agricultural hub before, during and just after the civil war. Three quarters of the population in America lived in rural areas. The rural areas comprised of farms and small towns. Despite the fact that factories were established in the North and South, the establishment of industries and industrial manufacturing activities took place in the North.
In 1860, the South had an estimated 25 percent of free population but only accounted for 10 percent of the capital of the country. The development of industries in the North was five times more that of the South. The number of factory workers in the North exceeded that of the South by ten times. Ninety percent of the skilled labor in the United States of America was in the North (Levine, 2005). The above information shows that the labor characteristics in the North and South were remarkably different. Labor in the North was expensive and laborers were not tied to a particular station. Workers were very active and mobile. The competition in the labor market was intensified by the immigration from Europe and Asia. This influenced the rising of wages in the sense that wages remained relatively constant (Levine, 2005). The economy of the south was founded on the labor provided by African Americans who worked as slaves. They were exploited, oppressed and forced to provide cheap labor. Most white families did not own slaves. Out of 1.6 million families, about 384,000 owned slaves. Most of the families who owned slaves had about 20 slaves or less. However, those who owned many slaves were about 10,000 and owned large plantations. When Eli Whitney invented cotton gin, southern planters and farmers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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American Civil War
The Northern economy was mainly based on factories and wages while the South economy had large cotton plantations. The south needed slaves to work in the cotton plantations and requested for new territories to be admitted in the Union as slave states in order to prevent the slaves from joining the free territories (Arnold and Wiener 17).
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It is presumed that issues that were brought about by sectionalism were the main propelling factors that drove the United States into the civil war. This was due to the expansion of territories in the nation that was forcing the nation to question on whether issue of settlement in the country were to be considered from the point of slavery or freedom.
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American Civil War
Industrialism had led to the increase in the population of the people of the Northern states of the United States of America. This meant that they had more labor and thus the output of the industries of this region increased.
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The disappearance of the enslaved American South led to social consolidation as well as territorial gains for the North. In addition, displacement of American Indian settlements from the mid West led to further settlements into the American hinterland.
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(Roark, et al; page 369). "Slaves took the first steps toward making the war for Union also a war for freedom. For the first 18 months of the war, Union soldiers sought solely to uphold the Constitution and preserve the nation. But with the Emancipation Proclamation, the Northern war effort took on a dual purpose: to save the Union and to free the slaves." (Roark, et al; Page 370) The Civil War mobilized "the entire populations of North and South, and produced battles that fielded 200,000 soldiers and created casualties in the tens of thousands" (Roark, et al; page 370).
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The American Experience from 1865 to 1945 Essay
Civil War saw most of slaves being freed from their oppression from white farmers. Slave abolition came into effect after President Abraham Lincoln issued Emancipation Proclamation, which forbade all confederate states to carry out slavery activities. Lincoln's emancipation went along with the union reconstruction after the civil war, which was the main causative Northern intervention to the South.
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Following the other historical interpretation this war is known as War between the States which is also called the War of the Rebellion, the War of Secession, and the War for Southern Independence. The events which helped the North to win can be divided in to two basic groups: economic situation of the country and favorable conditions during the war period.
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; it led to the preservation of the union, facilitated the abolition of slavery and it changed the association between the federal government and the states in a dramatic way. There have occurred endless debates that concern the civil war; people wonder whether it is true that
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The American Civil War
The south based its economy on agriculture. Only the wealthy and influential folks who owned plantations in the South could hire, rent or own slaves. Eli Whitney’s invention boosted cotton plantations allowing the plantation owners to utilize slave labor. The north, however, was more of an industrialized region, with more entrepreneurs.
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The American Civil War
How can one hold another as a slave if he believes that they are created equal? How can it be shown that slavery allows, in any degree, the “pursuit of happiness? Where in slavery can a slave be found to have “liberty”? Signs of the coming Civil War in the United States were clearly seen decades before the Battle at Fort Sumter began on April 12, 1861.
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