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The civil war by the American states has always served as a reminder to the American people; the cost of a united nation. The following research will analyze the events and outcome of the Americal Civil War in order to examine its positive and negative effects.
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The Effects of The American Civil War
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Download file to see previous pages For four consecutive years, the confederate soldiers fought and battled with the union soldiers. The war that is regarded as the bloodiest war in the history of America cannot be swept under the carpet. The depth of loss was felt by both these two sides. The loss of lives and the destroyed infrastructure took the United States several steps back. The immense and sheer number of deaths and tragedy that was brought by the civil war remains as a constant reminder to the American people as a profound insight of the past that they have seen. The economic, psychological and social impacts of the war went on to redefine what the future of the American people.
Proclaiming the freedom of slaves and creating national unity was the hardest role that the American government had to play after the recovery from war. A more detailed analysis of the American civil war points to the start of the war being at the 1860 presidential election. The republicans who were led by Abraham Lincoln were not for the idea of expansion of slavery into the United States territories. After the republicans won and their anti-slavery campaign looked as though it would be successful, seven slave states that were being run of cotton based economies came together right before the inauguration of the president and formed a confederacy that would fight against the anti- slavery campaign. The confederacy was mainly against the idea of the fact that their source of labor for their cotton plantations would have to be paid for (Parish, p. 103). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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