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The author of this review "Losing Weight is a Myth" casts light on the process of losing weight. According to the text, the book poses some invitation for argumentation given that losing weight is a process where individual aims to take off excessively gained pounds which is verifiably possible. …
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Losing Weight is a Myth
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Extract of sample "Losing Weight is a Myth"

Dear Zhibin Zhang
First of all, one firmly believes that your title, ‘Losing Weight is a Myth’ poses some invitation for argumentation given that losing weight is a process where an individual aims to take off excessively gained pounds which is accurate and verifiably possible. A myth is defined as “tales believed as true, usually sacred, set in the distant past or other worlds or parts of the world, and with extra-human, inhuman, or heroic characters” [Magnd]. As such, losing weight is definitely not a myth; but rather, there have been allegations that there are myths that exist about losing weight. Therefore, one asserts that you could change your title to ‘Myths on Losing Weight’.
Secondly, your introductory paragraph presents strong remarks. The statement that “many people assume than thinner is healthier” could be questioned in terms of the need to qualify the veracity of the statement: (1) who are these people who assume that thinner is healthier? (2) do you have a validating support for this statement? Then, it should be deduced that your thesis statement is the last sentence in your introductory paragraph. Since your topic is myths on losing weight, your thesis statement contends that the weight loss industry misleads people to lose weight in unhealthy ways – which is also a very strong statement that needs authoritative support; and is apparently not related to your topic. You could state your thesis statement as: the current paper hereby aims to present the myths of losing weight, which apparently abound in contemporary times. Then, the body of your paper should discuss one myth at a time and try to refute and justify why it was considered a myth in the first place.
Concurrently, your third paragraph apparently disclosed a myth that “obesity causes a high risk for some kind of cancer…” but is not in any way related to weight loss. Therefore, your myth in the fourth paragraph could be stated as: There is a myth that people who lose weight ultimately improve health and reduces the risk of contracting diseases, such as obesity. You have provided a good support for this alleged myth; but there seems to be a need to define what you meant by adiposity level. And using the similar logical progression, the myth statement for your fifth paragraph could read: Obesity poses greater risks than losing weight. This should first be stated before the arguments that were presented, which supposedly refutes the myth.
Finally, there were inconsistencies in your citations. One observed that in statements where you copied specific phrases or sentences verbatim and were therefore placed in quotation marks, it is necessary to indicate the page number in the citation. For instance, you cited Taylor in paragraph two with quotes to the statement but without any page number. In another citation, that of authors Tremblay, et al. in the third paragraph, you need not place the date of publication. This is also observed for authors Adnres, Muller and Sulkin; while citations for the work from David requires identification of a page number.
Hoping my comments and recommendations would assist you in improving your essay on the myths of losing weight. The topic is good and interesting and just needs to be presented in a more structured manner to affirm consistency and to assert that you are proving your main thesis, as needed.

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Losing Weight Is a Myth Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
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