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Comparison My Uncle Thomas and Theseus - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Comparison My Uncle Thomas and Theseus " states that uncle Thomas, the real-life hero, overcame a monster of poverty and many difficulties he faced in his childhood when his father had to leave the family for a while. He made many friends among the enemies…
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Comparison My Uncle Thomas and Theseus
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Extract of sample "Comparison My Uncle Thomas and Theseus"

Download file to see previous pages My uncle Thomas is my real life hero. He is my mothers’ cousin and when he was young, there were several problems, he had to overcome. His father had to work far from his family in another country. Being the first son of the family, uncle Thomas, had to protect his family when the father was away. Later after his father came back and got a good position, Thomas has got great opportunities, he studied in the University and finally occupied a very good position in the local bank. Now he is the head of the office, moreover, he has his own business. Uncle Thomas has a good family, he a loving father and husband, at the same time he is a good specialist and has many friends. The paper talks about two bright personalities giving a comparative analysis between the two, in character attributes (“Greek Myths & Greek Mythology” Web).
When Theseus gives out himself to go out and be sacrificed to the Minotaur monster, meets the daughter of the powerful leader who had threatened to destroy Athens if no young men are sacrificed to Minotaur.
The paper talks about two sons of influential societal leaders giving a comparative analysis between the two, in character traits. Uncle Thomas, the real-life hero, overcame a monster of poverty and many difficulties he faced in his childhood when his father had to leave the family for a while. He made many friends among the enemies and acquired so much love and respect from them. Theseus also overcame the greatest threat- Minotaur that was unsettling his father’s peaceful rule. His father would forever be on the threat if this beast did not get killed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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