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Trauma and Pain in Wound Healing in a Post Operative Setting - Literature review Example

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The paper “Trauma and Pain in Wound Healing in a Post Operative Setting” looks at healing and recuperation as a natural process that consumes its own time tag. This applies to both physiological and pathological wounds. Wound care comprises efforts that simply support natural healing processes…
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Trauma and Pain in Wound Healing in a Post Operative Setting
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Download file to see previous pages Although they are well aware of the psychological inhibitions/acceptance of pain in patients, their findings in this direction do not find the place in much of the research reports. The scenario may change when nurses in large numbers plunge into the field of research. This paper is paramount to that effort. Aligning psychic frequency of patients in tune with their actual recovery process is the uppermost goal of these nurses in treating their wounds. Understanding Neuronal realm of pain mechanism and healing mechanism would facilitate trauma care since the psychological derivations and research findings come very easily on their way of normal attendance of patients.
Successful pain treatment lies in understanding clearly the pain mechanism that generates pain. Advanced researches in this field have opened a floodgate of numerous vistas that are keeping the pain therapy ever reinvigorated. Molecular genetic studies have thrown light on identifying a protein namely, vanilloid receptor. It is found that it is this protein VR1, which is a heat-transducer converting heat energy into electrical signals. These signals are sent to the central nervous system making our experience and feel the heat. Molecular genetic studies have paved the way to identify several other transduction molecules leading to measurable growth in pain therapy research. (Cheryl L. Stucky et al, 2001)
Neuronal plasticity denotes changes occurring in the established nervous systems. The changes include many aspects such as neuronal structure, connections between neurons and alteration in the quantity and properties of neurotransmitters and receptors.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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