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Needs of a Child With Tourettes Syndrome - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Needs of a Child With Tourettes Syndrome" highlights that syndrome is a very multifaceted condition. It frequently engages comorbid conditions. There is no recognized cure for TS at this instance. Continuing research is offering a wealth of new information concerning this condition…
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Needs of a Child With Tourettes Syndrome
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Extract of sample "Needs of a Child With Tourettes Syndrome"

Download file to see previous pages Stimulant medications commonly prescribed to hyperactive children (e.g., Ritalin, Cylert, Dexedrine, etc.) can sometimes precipitate TS in predisposed children, according to the Food and Drug Administration."(p.4) This condition is neither degenerative nor terminal (Meyers, 1998).
Tourette's syndrome symptoms fall along a continuum from barely noticeable to blatantly noticeable and debilitating. Frequency of tics may range from those who tic only when they are anxious or fatigued to those who might tic as much as 30 to 100 times per minute (Murray, 1997). For many years clinical interventions and research focused almost exclusively on people with the most severe cases of TS. This focus may have created a distorted perception of the TS population, i.e., TS was thought to be a very rare condition that a practising physician might see only once throughout his or her practice of medicine (Zinner, 2000). However, It is now recognized that most cases of TS are in the mild to moderate category. Many people affected by TS may never seek medical intervention (Hendren, 2002).
There is a child in your class who is very perplexing. She is bright, friendly, anxious to please, generally well-behaved and polite. However, for no apparent reason, she disrupts the class with snorting noises. She also blinks her eyes constantly, even though the eye doctor says she doesn't need glasses. She also persists in jumping around in her seat. You have spoken to her and her parents about her behavior, but she has persisted. You wonder: Is she looking for attention because her parents have recently separated? Is she unusually anxious about something? Does she have some emotional problem that is not obvious? Finally, someone suggests to you that the child may have Tourette Syndrome.
The symptoms of Tourettes syndrome (TS) have been reported since antiquity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Consider to what extent medical/educational professionals are able to Research Proposal.
(Consider to What Extent medical/Educational Professionals Are Able to Research Proposal)
Consider to What Extent medical/Educational Professionals Are Able to Research Proposal.
“Consider to What Extent medical/Educational Professionals Are Able to Research Proposal”.
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