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This essay "Hospital Emergency Operations Plan" dwells on the emergency plan of a hospital. It is mentioned here that for normal operations at the University of Toledo Medical center Hospital, a strategy for handling disasters or emergencies should be put in place. …
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Hospital Emergency Operations Plan
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Download file to see previous pages The emergency plan for the hospital has guidelines for facility evacuation. Facility evaluation is undertaken when the present environment cannot adequately ensure patient treatment or care. The University of Toledo Medical center (UTMC) is a component of the University of Toledo Health Science campus; which has several buildings, hospitals, and health sites. All the buildings are interconnected aboveground and underground tunnel infrastructures; separated through firewalls, having different utility systems, and different emergency power sources. Hence, if one part of the building is unusable, an alternative care site can be located in a different equipped building. The UTMC has also collaborated with other community partners, to establish an alternative care site at the Collier Building; therefore, medical staff or students can continue caring for the relocated patients. During patient relocation, copies of medical records and other medical items are sent to the alternative clinic sites. Communication and transport infrastructure and services between the hospital and the alternative clinic sites are coordinated in the Hospital command Center in liaison with the Lucas County Emergency Operation Coordinator. In addition, the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio in collaboration with regional health providers, have initiated a plan for opening a major alternative care facility.
The HICS has a flexible method to emergency management which can be utilized in various disaster responses. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hospital Emergency Operations Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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