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Fish Oil-Fed Mice Have Impaired Resistance to Inuenza Infection - Article Example

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The modern view of the way in which (n-3) PUFA-polyunsaturated fatty acids has effects on the immune system is on the focus on their capabilities to alter production of cytokine and biosynthesis diminishing. The purpose of the paper is to analyze and review the proof that (n-3)…
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Fish Oil-Fed Mice Have Impaired Resistance to Inuenza Infection
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Download file to see previous pages The critique and analysis focuses on feeding animal trials which include in vivo problems of the host with a live agent of infection. Pathogen clearance and host survival are the typical end points analyzed in the studies.
Data shows that (n-3) PUFA can both impair and improve the resistance of host to a certain pathogens number. Nevertheless, the information is still limited in depth and breadth. For the pathogens with existing data, published studies numbers generally do not surpass three or two. Emphasis is on defining crucial immunological and microbiological difference s in pathogen-host interactions that assist to explain the published findings incongruity. Researchers believe that straight examination of (n-3) PUFA on the infectious disease of human’s resistance is warranted.
From the oils of fish, Omega-3 fatty acids are considered inflammation modulators. This is the action mode for their efficiency and effectiveness against illness of modernity. The diseases include arthritis and rheumatoid. However, there is a downside, because inflammation is a section of response by the immune system, fish oil decreases immunity. The other side of inflammation decrease. For instance, mice fed with oil of fish, have impaired opposition to the infection of influenza.
In regard to theietary long-chain PUFA derived from fish oil have been shown to have beneficial effects on chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disorders (1,2) and long-chain PUFA such as eicosapentaenoic acid appear to be most beneficial . A number of studies report that the immunosuppressive effects of PUFA are a result of decreased cytokine production and from reductions in T cell proliferation, activation, and signaling Studies of rodents fed fish oil-enriched diets have shown a reduction in natural killer (NK)4 cell activity (8), decreased lymphocyte proliferation (9,10), and decreased antigen presentation functions. In addition, decreases in ex vivo production of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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