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The study is concentrated on the impression on professionalism in physical therapy core-values self-assessment. On the sample of indicators under core values of ‘excellence’ and ‘professional duty,’ the author maintained consistency by scoring 4 or 5 levels…
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Impression on professionalism in physical therapy core-values self assessment
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Impression on professionalism in physical therapy core-values self assessment On the sample of indicators under core values of ‘excellence’ and ‘professional duty,’ I maintained consistency by scoring 4 or 5 levels. Under the ‘excellence core value, there were several indicators such as demonstration plus investment in physical therapy, importance of using several material evidence to enhance professional decisions, involvement in collaborative efforts to promote quality health plus education, and others in which the scores were 4 or 5 (Dreeben-Irimia, 2011). Under the ‘professional duty’ core value, I achieved consistency by scoring 4 or 5 levels. The indicators, in this case, included demonstration of beneficence, promotion of physical therapy profession and others.
The high rating on these indicators attributes to immense knowledge and experience. I am aware of these indicators and the core values connected to the sample indicators, therefore; I showed consistency of scores. I am aware of my professional obligations thus I apply my knowledge of physical therapy to meet these obligations (Dreeben-Irimia, 2011).
Under the ‘accountability’ core value, I scored a 3 on the indicator concerning acknowledgement and acceptance of consequences. On the sample indicator of ‘clients requirements above those of therapists’ the score was at level 3. There was the same score for an indicator concerning cultural bias plus gender. I scored low under the integrity core value on the indicator entailing the limits of my expertise. Other low scores emanated from indicators of political activism and involvement in social justice matters. The low scores attribute to the knowledge and awareness in those areas (Dreeben-Irimia, 2011). After assessing my knowledge and the possibility of involving in these indicators, I found that chances were low.
In order to strengthen core values in the practice environment, there should be education programs offering teaching about physical therapy. This will create awareness and make various practices important and thus applied in a clinical set up. Integration of core values is possible if there are ways to measure the extent of adherence to those values (Dreeben-Irimia, 2011).
Dreeben-Irimia, O. (2011). Introduction to physical therapy for physical therapist assistants. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Read More
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