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Will an All Graduate Profession Empower Nurses - Essay Example

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In the paper “Will an all graduate profession empower nurses?” the author pays attention to attaining knowledge about different disciplines of social and cultural life. It is considered that an all graduate professional course will empower nurses to pursue their career in a more fruitful way…
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Will an All Graduate Profession Empower Nurses
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Download file to see previous pages Despite in the field of modern nursing system contribution of figures like Sarah Gamp or Florence Nightingale are recollected with great respect but Elizabeth Fry is actually the person, who pioneered the system of modern nursing. There is no denial of the fact that her main center of attention for catering nursing service was elite class families but due to her initiative, the importance for providing “skilled and trustworthy attendants” for needy people was realized (Davies, 1980, p. 43). She was perhaps the first individual, who provided special care in training women so that people start evaluating nurses beyond cotemporary apprehension of cruelty and maltreatment. Later on, with the help of other personalities like, Sarah Gamp and Florence Nightingale, the profession received sufficient refinement with which nursing is judged in recent times. Nightingale not only refined the level of sophistication, techniques of attendance and care among people related to this profession but she also elaborated the founding principles over which nursing as a profession stands. During that period of time, nursing was hardly distinguished from other forms of hospital works but she also clearly stated the kind of relation, which needs to prevail between these divisions and nursing. Development and refinement in the field of nursing as a profession, which commenced with the works of Elizabeth Fry, took a further concrete form with initiatives of Florence Nightingale. The latter, not only constructed nursing as an essentially. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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