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Skills That Are Required by a Newly Graduated Registered Nurse - Coursework Example

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From the paper "Skills That Are Required by a Newly Graduated Registered Nurse" it is clear that human beings are the main educational concern in basic nursing education. However, this education equips nurses on how to contribute uniquely to promoting health in the working population. …
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Skills That Are Required by a Newly Graduated Registered Nurse
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Extract of sample "Skills That Are Required by a Newly Graduated Registered Nurse"

Download file to see previous pages The need for nurse leadership and the role of the registered nurse in health, the workplace and safety will be discussed. The scenario used to analyse these four aspects is one involving an obese patient. In this scenario, the new graduate nurse has been rotating shifts throughout the month, and on one particular day, the nurse has five patients to take care of, one of whom is the obese woman. After taking care of the patients, the nurse needs help moving the obese patient. An older more experienced registered nurse tells the new nurse that no wards are available to help move the obese patient. The older nurse claims that the new nurse simply has time management problems.
New graduate nurses learn about, come to identify and adapt to the workplace by a process of socialization. The experiences that new graduates have at the workplace have important consequences in terms of performance, attitudes and productivity. To the nurse, socialization opens doors to opportunities available at the workplace as well as career development. It is the responsibility of every individual new graduate nurse to learn how they can fit in the workplace. As a new graduate who has just completed a four-day night duty stint with just one day off, the pressures of the job can be overwhelming. Currently, five patients need to be taken care of. Four of these patients need to have their needs met before 9.00 am when Mrs W is due for a wound care assessment. The first step to successful socialization is that a new graduate nurse needs to adjust his or her expectations and confront the reality of the new job. For instance, the reality, in this case, is that the nurse will have to work long hours and will get minimal rest. Deadlines have to be kept and that calls for the nurse to be on time all the time.
The second skill that a new graduate nurse needs to adopt is achieving role clarity. The new graduate needs to learn but also negotiate what their role in the workplace expects and requires (Halfer 2007, pp. 17-29). This way, the new graduate will know exactly what is required of him or her and will avoid confusion in the workplace.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Skills That Are Required by a Newly Graduated Registered Nurse Coursework.
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