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Developmental Disorder: ADD - Essay Example

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This essay describes various studies about child development, that firstly began in the 20th century and which were focused on abnormal behavior in children, abnormalities in cognitive abilities, language usage, and physical growth, such as Attention deficit disorder (ADD)…
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Developmental Disorder: ADD
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Extract of sample "Developmental Disorder: ADD"

Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses several behavioral theories of child development, that are mostly focused on the environmental interaction that influences behavior in a child. These theories were based on observable behavior of children. For the past several years, several children have been diagnosed with a biological disorder known as Attention deficit disorder (ADD) wherein a pattern of decreased attention span interspersed with periods of hyperactivity and impulsivity occurs within the individual. The cause for ADD can be linked to risk factors such as exposure to toxins before birth and premature birth or due to family history of discord and related behavioral disorders. Usually one in four children, who have ADD, would have at least one family member or relative with this disorder. The researcher states that once a child has been diagnosed with ADD wherein a child’s hyperactivity begins to interfere with the daily routine, then a team comprising of the parents, teachers and doctors need to work together as such children require structure in their development and behavior. A dual approach is also required wherein the condition of the child is controlled by providing special education classes where there are no pressure on the child and studies and academic education is supplemented along with behavior therapy. Parents can help their ADD children by making a schedule for their activities; make the house rules simpler, reward good behavior; focus must be on effort and not grades and lots of TLC-tender loving care. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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