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Multi-Skilling in Healthcare Sector - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Multi-Skilling in Healthcare Sector" touches upon the skills needed in healthcare. According to the text, the primary problems in the case are essentially the issue of change management through empowerment and the problem of communication. …
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Extract of sample "Multi-Skilling in Healthcare Sector"

Download file to see previous pages Traditionally, as described by Thompson and McHugh (2002), employee empowerment is a method by which some decisions can be made by the employees since the management wishes to make them a part of the decision making process. In such situations, employees are empowered about their jobs and it would be important to have such empowerment in places where teams are supposed to decide who has to do what at what time in order to provide the best possible health services.
In the case of the NHS, empowerment needs to be used to make the work teams more effective and allow them to interact with each other on a basis of equality rather than a basis of competition. In fact, when employees are empowered, management becomes easier since the day to day decisions can be distributed amongst the employees as they see fit. Additionally, empowerment would give the NHS additional benefits described by Welch (2005) which include increased employee work satisfaction, improved employee morale and greater commitment to the organization.
However, considering that the NHS is essentially a government body where the bureaucracy has a stronghold on who does what, empowerment has to be applied judiciously and it should be clarified to the individuals concerned as to who is empowered to do what. 
As discussed by Thomas and Coe (1991), having individuals who can wear multiple hats and perform multiple tasks for the company is certainly useful when it comes to small businesses and start-up enterprises but the NHS works on the principles of specialization and asking individuals to perform multiple tasks may create friction as described in the case itself. While empowerment is only one side of the story with regard to removing the friction, the other side comes from having good communications. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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