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Sleep Deprivation - Essay Example

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Sleep deprivation results from a general lack of sleep. This is a very common ailment within people and usually arises from stress, sleep disorders, deliberate methods of torture on people, etc. It has been known that sleep deprivation can also arise from hunger and thirst and thus the element of taking in food and drinks gains quite a bit of importance…
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Sleep Deprivation
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Download file to see previous pages (Malhotra, 2002) is of the view that these muscles require air from breathing and relaxation which does not take place when sleep deprivation is playing havoc with the life of the patient. It is important that proper inhaling of oxygen and exhaling of carbon-dioxide takes place within the sleeping patterns so that muscles do not ache and offer any sort of problem for the patient under discussion. In addition, sleep deprivation can lead to blurred vision and this would mean that the patient's eyes would offer him pain and trouble all day long, until he gets back to sleep and completes the much needed duration of sleep. Blurred vision under excessive sleep deprivation periods could mean problems for the eyes in the long run and hence issues could arise of serious nature for the patient as well. One more psychological effect of sleep deprivation lies in the fact that the patient becomes depressed and hence the illness is referred to as the clinical depression. This is important to understand because it could mean resorting to anti-depressant drugs, which in the end suggest further problems for the patient as well. ...
Another common ailment related with sleep deprivation is in the form of dark circles, which form up under the eyes of the patient. These are usually known to be very common amongst the youth of present times as they remain hooked onto Internet and TV and sleep just before dawn. Furthermore, sleep deprivation could mean daytime drowsiness and naps and this is essentially a very tiring routine for the patient. (Ledoux, 2008) opines that the people who generally work during the day find themselves under serious trouble if they want to get a short time sleep or a nap in the day. They thus remain affected by sleep deprivation for the worst possible reason and hence their moods become cranky and it seriously hurts their personality as well. Sleep deprivation could also mean problems in terms of excessive daytime sleepiness or EDS for short which means that the patient undergoes certain urges to sleep for a very short duration as he feels tired and lazy while on job or whilst performing a certain task.
Decreased mental activity and concentration is another issue that crops up due to sleep deprivation. What this means is the fact that sleep deprivation makes the person feel lethargic and he has the urge to do less work and sleep whilst on job. He feels that he cannot give proper concentration to a particular job and his concentration gets shifted very quickly. Also he would feel that his attention span has reduced considerably as he feels the desire to sleep for a certain amount of time but is unable to do so for more than one reason. A person also feels that he might faint at any moment since he becomes lazy and pretty weak whilst performing different tasks during the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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