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Sleep Deprivation Effects on Shift Workers - Research Paper Example

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This paper outline the causes, symptoms, effects, human factors, behavioral issues and effect on work Performance, as well as health effects associated with sleep deprivation. It also seeks to discuss the sleep deprivation effects on family, social life, as well as improved sleep deprivation…
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Sleep Deprivation Effects on Shift Workers
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Extract of sample "Sleep Deprivation Effects on Shift Workers"

Download file to see previous pages According to Alhola and Päivi (2007), sleep deprivation is a term often used to describe a state that is caused by inadequate quality or quantity of sleep. This includes involuntary or voluntary sleeplessness, as well as the circadian rhythm sleep disorder. Sleep deprivation may be acute or chronic. The chronic sleep-restricted state might cause fatigue, clumsy, weight gain or weight loss, and daytime sleepiness. According to Smith (1992), a complete absence of sleep for a reasonably long period of time cannot be achieved by humans unless such individuals suffer from a fatal familial insomnia. Sleep deprivation can lead to death (Smith, 1992). It is worth noting that a sleepy fatigued individual is judgment impaired, accident-prone, and has increased like-hood of making mistakes and erroneous decisions than an individual who does not have such a problem (Smith, 1992).
There are issues closely linked to sleep deprivation. These include illness, work, personal choice, medication, sleep disorders, poor hygiene, the sleeping environment, and toddlers, babies and older babies, stress, and school life (Alhola & Päivi, 2007).
There are persons who fail to recognize that the body requires adequate sleep, therefore, they do not obey the regular program of going to bed at reasonable hours instead they choose to stay up late socializing reading a book or TV programs (Piegel & Leproult, 1999). This clearly implies that sleep deprivation can be self-imposed because of lack of desires to sleep or the habitual use of some simulating drugs such as cocaine, or amphetamines. Research has indicated that sleep deprivation often produces a similar effect on the brain to that of the SSRI among persons with depression, therefore, ensuring a self-imposed and clinical remedy. Sleep deprivation can be self-imposed in achieving personal fame within the context of the record-breaking stunts (Smith, 1992). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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