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Application of Nursing Skills - Case Study Example

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This paper "Application of Nursing Skills" focuses on the fact that good nursing considers the whole patient, body, mind, and spirit, and recognize him as an individual. It deals with prevention as a well as cure and assumes a large responsibility for supervising and coordinating patient care. …
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Application of Nursing Skills
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Download file to see previous pages Never for a moment should she let members of her staff forget that they are nursing human beings, not diseases. The patient is an individual, the member of a family, and of the community. He may be intelligent or unintelligent, educated or uneducated, American or some other nationality, but he has feelings and emotions which influences his attitudes and actions. Before working as a staff in a nursing care unit, the nurses generally completed their training in mentoring and nursing.
Patients will be grateful to a thoughtful nurse who anticipates his personal needs and remembers his individual preferences, nevertheless, he should be given the opportunity to make further requests and to participate in the planning of his care if he is able and desires to do so.
During convalescence or a long chronic illness, the patient needs something to occupy his mind, be its pleasant companions, reading, games handwork, or assisting with the work of the ward. He needs faith in his nurses, their knowledge, and dependability of judgment. He needs the sense of security that comes from the feeling that is people are working together-doctor, nurses, maids, porters-and not at cross purposes. He needs the confidence which results from knowing that the entire nursing staff is interested in him, is sympatric and understanding, knows his needs, has a plan for his care, and is doing everything in its power to help him regain and maintain his health. The patient who has required an injury or an illness which places permanent limitations on his activity or makes necessary a change in his pattern of living needs help in accepting the restrictions, help in marshalling his resources and finding ways to live happily and usefully within the limits of its illness. The good nurse recognizes early any social and emotional factors which contribute to the patient's illness and its prolongation and which inhibit his peace of mind. Since man patients need more help than she is prepared to give, nurse refer them to another individual or agency for assistance when necessary. 

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