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Healthy Living and Nutrition - Research Paper Example

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Healthy Living and Nutrition Your Name Due Date 1. Discuss the connection between nutrition and disease. Be sure to include information on chronic diseases, as well as malnutrition and other leading causes of death. There is a great amount of evidence to support that nutrition plays a huge role in the development of illness and chronic illness, both, in their present life and in the future…
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Healthy Living and Nutrition
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Extract of sample "Healthy Living and Nutrition"

Healthy Living and Nutrition Due Discuss the connection between nutrition and disease. Be sure to include information on chronic diseases, as well as malnutrition and other leading causes of death. There is a great amount of evidence to support that nutrition plays a huge role in the development of illness and chronic illness, both, in their present life and in the future. Poor diet and lack of appropriate nutrition can lead to serious conditions like cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. Proper nutrition can protect health, as well as, slow the progression of diseases (Dwyer, 2006). Malnutrition can affect anyone but it tends to be the affliction of the elderly, the very poor, and children. In fact, in developing countries malnutrition ends the life of 300,000 children yearly and half of the deaths of children worldwide. Malnutrition can cause overall poor health along with contributing o serious illnesses and poor immune responses that can and have led to death (Shashidhar, 2013). 2. Examine the characteristics of a healthy diet, and the challenge associated with choosing the right foods. Nutrition should not be about depriving yourself or about constantly “dieting” to lose weight. It is about making food choices that are healthful and allows for the appropriate nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and proteins for example. Maintaining a healthy diet can prevent and slow the progressions of life threatening diseases, along with other malnutrition related conditions. Experts say that there are five characteristics to a healthy diet, it includes monitoring portion control, keeping fat intake to a minimum, incorporating fruits and vegetables into meals as often as possible, adding more whole foods, like whole grain, wheat flour, and brown rice for example, lastly, limit the amount of processed foods consumed (Carpenter , 2013). Making a point to incorporate these foods will help one to avoid the development of conditions like cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, and the overall risk of cancer and stroke. However, today’s modern society can make choosing healthy difficult, healthy foods are often more costly and fast-food, frozen foods, and junk food is cheaper and accessible; not to mention the fact it, also, tastes good. But we have to make a conscious effort to choose more thoughtfully more often for the betterment of our health. 3. Describe the factors (e.g., social, psychological, philosophical, and physical) that drive our food choices. There are a number of physical, social, and psychological factors that drive our food choices. Economics plays a huge role in the choices that we make. People are very tight budgets simply cannot afford the healthiest options even if they would prefer it. People who are dieting often make very different choices from people who desire to eat freely. Marketing and advertising has a great deal of influence over the food choices of many people. They crave what they see, whether it is good for them or not. Of course personal preference and taste plays a large war, as well; and the differences in preference are as unique as any individual. Much of what we crave is cultural or traditional, both of which, can override whether or not a food is particularly healthy. One of the dangerous relationships with food choices is for those who seek food as a source of comfort. These choices are made out of a psychological, physical and social need and may not lend itself to positive and healthy food selections (Brent , 2013). 4. Explain the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and discuss the recommendations for meeting those guidelines. There are a number of different guidelines presented and suggestions made in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans to encourage the adopting of healthy eating habits. To the average reader they may find all of the calorie counting, fat gram calculating, and adding and subtracting nutrient and vitamin values could be a little intimidating and overwhelming. However, once one takes the time to understand the appropriate food values and how it works it is not as difficult as it may seem. There was a new motivation in the 2010 dietary guideline that had not been present in previous guidelines. Because of the dramatic increase in adult and childhood obesity, the instances of malnutrition, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other occurrences of diet related illnesses greater emphasis is placed on encouraging these dietary requirements. Much as stated in the previous question, there are many things that can interfere with making sound health choices regardless of government suggested guidelines, like culture, economics, and other psychological reasoning and preference (Center for Nutrition and Policy Proposal, 2013). 5. Discuss how fats, proteins, and carbs are digested and absorbed in the body, and describe the benefits from a dietary perspective. What are the good fats, bad fats, etc.? Why is fiber so beneficial? Carbohydrates, fats ,and proteins all pass through the digestive system at different paces. These components are then used as energy, to build muscle, and bones. Carbohydrates break down into simple sugar molecules that are then absorbed through the small intestine wall and into the bloodstream to be used immediately as fuel or sent to the liver for the storage until needed. Proteins are needed to build muscle and organs in the body. Protein molecules are large. Many enzymes, including those for the pancreas, to breakdown the protein into until the smallest components o amino acids are absorbed through the small intestine into the blood stream and then sent to repair damage in the body or replace dying cells. Finally, fats in general do not dissolve easily. Bile, produced by the gallbladder, is needed to attach to the fat molecules and “emulsify” them into smaller components so that fat-digesting enzymes can break them down. The smallest particles, fatty acids and cholesterol, are absorbed through intestinal walls and then sent to chest veins and to “fat-depositing” locations in the body for future use as energy if needed (Hill, 2011). For the record, not all fats are bad, there are good fats as well. Saturated and Trans fatty acids are the two types of fat to keep to a minimum within a diet, which can clog arteries and contribute to serious health conditions. However, unsaturated fats, mono, and polyunsaturated fatty acids can contribute, in moderation, can contribute to positive health (Zelman, 2013). Fiber is, also, important, even though it is not the easiest thing to digest. Fiber can be found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The proper amount of fiber in the diet can normalize and maintain bowel movements, help control blood sugar levels, aids in achieving healthy body weight, and lowers cholesterol (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2013). 6. Describe the role of diet in preventing underweight, overweight, and obesity. It is obvious that diet has a great deal to do if one is overweight, underweight, and obese states of being. Because of the epidemic that obesity has become in the United States and all around the world there is a great incentive to find a means to curb obesity, poor diets, and all nutrition related conditions. Diet when taken seriously, adhered to, and viewed as way of life can have a significant affect on the food choices made, the level of healthy activity participated in, and the occurrences of diseases, like diabetes that, in many cases is a result of poor diet (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013). 7. Discuss the nutritional recommendations across the lifespan – from pregnancy to childhood, and from adolescence to adulthood. The nutrients that a person needs to maintain a healthy diet changes throughout our lives. Infants, children, and teenagers require more of certain nutrient to facilitate growth and development, for example calcium. However, when we are no longer growing these nutrient needs lessen. During pregnancy it is necessary for the mother to consume larger and greater amounts of proteins, good fats, along with vitamins and other nutrients to sustain and aid in the development of a new life. Once the child is born they require high nutrients, as well, the best are often received from the breast milk provided by their mother. As children and teenagers the nutrient needs shift, to accommodate the years of growth and development ahead of them. As grown adults our needs shit again. For example, we no longer need such large amounts of calcium as we once did, but perhaps we need a bit more fiber. Granted individual; needs are not always the same, of course, and we should all have an good understanding of what we each need and present a sense of accountability of what are the needs and best food choices for each of us (Purdue University, 2002). References Brent, M. (2013). 6 factors that influence our food choices. Retrieved from Carpenter , P. (2013). Five important characteristics of healthy eating. SF Gate, 1. Retrieved from healthy-eating-5892.html Dwyer, J. (2006). Starting down the right path: nutrition connections with chronic diseases of later life. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 83(2), 1. Retrieved from Hill, C. (2011, July 10). How does body absorb carbohydrates, fats and proteins? read more: Shashidhar, H. R. (2013, Feburary 11). Malnutrition . Retrieved from Zelman, K. M. (2013). The skinny on fat: Good fats vs. bad fats. Retrieved from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2013). Division of nutrition, physical activity, and obesity. Retrieved from Center for Nutrition and Policy Proposal. United States Department of Agriculture, (2013). Dietary guidelines for americans. Retrieved from Center for Nutrition and Policy Proposal website: Mayo Clinic Staff. (2013). Dietary fiber: Essential for a healthy diet. Retrieved from Purdue University. (2002). Nutrition through the lifecycle . Retrieved from Nutrition through the lifecycle Read More
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