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Wellness, Fitness, and Longevity - Assignment Example

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Wellness, Fitness, and Longevity.
Physical activities have proved to be extremely essential in improving and in the maintenance of healthy lifestyles. Physical exercise helps in preventing excessive weight and in the maintenance of weight loss. …
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Wellness, Fitness, and Longevity
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Extract of sample "Wellness, Fitness, and Longevity"

Download file to see previous pages A part from preventing high blood pressure, physical exercise reduces risks of cardiovascular diseases and unhealthy triglycerides. Physical exercise is also responsible for improving participants’ general mood and attitudes. Researchers have as well claimed that, effective and continuous physical exercise is incredibly critical in advancing endurances and in facilitating physical exercise (Hales, 2005). On the other hand, moderate physical exercise is renowned for improving and maintaining individual lifestyle. Healthcare professionals have claimed that moderate physical exercise lowers chances blood pressure complications. Secondly, a part from improving cholesterol, well-coordinated moderate physical exercise manages and prevents types 2 diabetes. Thirdly, moderate physical exercise is very essential in preventing others severe health complications such as cancer especially breast cancer and prostate cancer. Moderate physical exercise is also responsible for managing weight loss as well as in maintaining individual’s mental well-being. Other renowned benefits of moderate physical exercise include increase stamina and energy as well as preventing bone mass decline and bone density. Compared to formal exercise moderate physical exercise required limited amount of time and practices. As opposed to formal exercise, moderate physical exercise is not regularly exercised. However, despite having some differences, the two forms of physical exercise are intended at achieving almost similar objectives. Federal Guidelines for Physical Activity in adults, older adults, children, and pregnant/postpartum women Engaging in physical activities is one of the most critical step that American of all ages are expected to undertake in order to advance their health status. In order to ensures that all American are in a pleasing physical health conditions federal government has instituted the guidelines that were intended at helping older adults, children, adults and pregnant mothers to be physically active. The 2008 physical activity guidelines for Americans offer a science-based guidance to helps older people in the society to advance their health through adopting appropriate physical activities. Therefore, the core aim of the federal guidelines for physical activity in older adults, children and pregnant women was to ensure that all American are physically active in order to improve their general health (Haskell, Lee, Pate, Powell, Blair, Franklin, and Macera, 2007). These guidelines also expounds on the importance of eating healthy diet to reduce chronic diseases and promote quality and good health. National Physical Activity Plan is on the other hand a comprehensive set of initiatives, policies, and plans that aims at improving physical activities at all segments of American population. The National Physical Activity Plan was instituted by private-public sector to deal with increasing cases of healthcare complications among Americans. Just like the national health objective, the National Physical Activity Plan aim at ensuring healthcare complications that result from lack of being physically active is significantly reduced. The plan also aims at informing the public on the medical importance of engaging in consistent physical activity. The vision of National Physical Activity Plan is that “one day all Americans will be physically active and they will live work and play in environment that facilitates regular physical activity”. Dimensions of Wellness Professionals have identified seven main dimensions of wellness. By referring to the accessible information, the seven dimension of wellness entails ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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