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Living Well - Essay Example

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Living Well Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: Living Well: Personal Action Plan 1. Three Opportunities for health improvement A). Exercise The first opportunity for health improvement involves taking exercises such as jogging in the morning or riding a bike…
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Living Well
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Download file to see previous pages Apparently, this will help me to avoid straining my body, since it can result to unnecessary fatigue or even injuries. Therefore, I highly recognize the need to undertake routine exercises, which will assist in improving my health through weigh reduction and eliminating excess calories acquired through eating various types of foods. Nonetheless, the decision to undertaking these exercises is a lifetime commitment to fitness and wellness strategies. B). Meditation and yoga My third personal action plan involves medication and practicing yoga, whereby one can engage in practice section that will entail all information, which is required for development of a comprehensive and satisfying yoga routine at home. This personal project of yoga involves a mind-body practice, which entails a combination of stretching exercises, controlled breathing, and relaxation (Mayo Clinic staff, 1). Apparently, this practice will assist significantly in reduction of stress, lowering of blood pressure and improvement of heart functions. This project is a form of complementary and alternative medicine practice, which integrates physical and mental disciplines, which attains tranquility of the body and mind, which assist people to manage stress and anxiety (Stress solutions, 1). Apparently, I consider meditation and yoga to be a way of establishing a connection between body and mind, and this can make a significant contribution to a health living. C). Eat 5 servings of vegetables Health is substantially determined by the thing that we eat; in fact, consuming things that contain nutrients that are needed by human body. Evidently, numerous studies have indicated that vegetables are a substantial source of nutrients that are required by our body. For instance, vegetables contains vitamins, Iron, fibers, which contribute to a healthy feeding. In this case, in my personal action, I find it incumbent to include a habit of eating five servings of vegetables, which meant to improve my health significantly. Moreover, these vegetables will give me the necessary energy required for my daily routine operations and for lifting the weights during my work outs in the gym. On the other hand, I will seek help from a nutritionist, who will guide me in identifying necessary types of vegetables that can provide necessary nutrients. Moreover, I can also find various ways to prepare a salad and other types of foods containing these vegetables, and through this, I and achieve the objective of consuming five servings vegetables. 2. Wellness Plan to address these areas of improvements A). Meditation and yoga A plan to address areas of improvement through meditation and yoga involves identifying peaceful, productive, conditions by use of yoga and mindfulness, which can facilitate improvement of focus in developing long term awareness of yoga. The element of the yoga project include the process, which as refered to as postures or poses, which entails a series of movement, which are designed to increase the strength and flexibility of those practicing yoga. On the other hand, this project will help in improvement of focus on the significance of physical and emotional health. This plan will also focus on a cost-effective and sustainable solution, which can improve preparedness to learn positive transformation of school and culture. The other objective will involve utilization of basic tools, which can support wellness objectives and create a calm and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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