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AIDS - Essay Example

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Background Alternative and synthetic medicines are swamping the market, paving the way for customers to have advantages at some point and varied choices. There is only one reason why this happens and this is due to the fact that there is a market for these medicines…
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Extract of sample "AIDS"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, one could probably infer that the timely trend of food supplements in the market could be due to dynamic marketing promotional activities. Concerning this point, taking food supplements may not be necessary since the actual emphasized needs for them could only be due to manipulations linked up with innovative and modern marketing platforms. This is just one probable argument that could stand against taking food supplements and there are other more to justify whether to take them or not. I am right, you are wrong Here are the following reasons I feel strongly about this issue. Taking food supplements is not necessary, all we need to do is to have foods with complete nutrients serve at the table. These are not only fresh, real and nutritious, but one would eventually enjoy tasting them. Therefore, maintaining a natural and healthy diet could be the ultimate key to achieve the right nutritional requirements. There are specific minerals or vitamins found in food supplements that once taken may just be stored in the body especially if there are already ample amount of them. This is the peril of taking food supplements as there are minerals in them that are not water soluble, but could be stored in the body for long, posing remarkable health risks. ...
It is just a matter of observing a healthy lifestyle. You are right, I am wrong On the contrary, those who promote food supplements have substantial strong points why they encourage everyone to take them regularly as possible. They have the point that foods may lose some vitamins and minerals during processing and preparation (Brown, 2010, p.55). Some of them believe that substantial amount of nutrients in the food might be wasted because of the associated process humans have taken into account. This process eventually tries to distort the nutritional quality of foods. Taking food supplements may try to compensate the lose nutrients from the regular-processed foods. Food supplements are also important for people who have significant nutritional defeciencies or additional requirements. In fact, doctors are recommending pregnant women to take supplements in order to ensure the quality development of the child in their womb. This could also be the most convenient and easiest way to guarantee that both the mother and the child would receive the appropriate nutrirional requirements. This however does not only apply among pregnant women. This could also well relate to all who would want to maintain a balance body requirement regimen that natural food and diet could not substantially provide. Taking of the recommended dose a day of food supplement could help those with natural deficiencies and could guarantee a fast recovery. Both right, both wrong So far, we have seen that both positions concerning the ingestion of food supplements could be right or wrong. The very point that it is right is due to the fact that as supplements, they try to compensate what the humans ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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