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Modern medicine vs herbal medicine - Research Paper Example

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Herbal Medicines V/S Modern Medicinesc Medicines in whatever form has always been a blessing for the mankind since long time. During ancient times man’s sole savior to be remaining healthy was herbal medicines. The herbal medicines were known to be very effective and precious in bygone era than today…
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Modern medicine vs herbal medicine
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"Modern medicine vs herbal medicine"

Download file to see previous pages The reason for modern medicines to take place in the lives of current world is the non availability of medicinal plants and the difficulty in production. Usually, herbal medicines required much effort from the physicians as well as patients and many a times can involve allergic effects to the patients. Plants have been used for medicinal purpose since civilization has known to exist. Ancient Indian and Chinese people have studied and used herbal plants in a scientific manner to bestow health and wellbeing to people for long time. However, as time passed, their importance and value started declining due to scientifically advancement of human generation. With advancement, physicians started inventing modern technique and methods to impart health to people in a sophisticated manner. In his journal (Wise,1994,pg.46-49) has written that “It is generally accepted that modern medical science came about in 1876 when Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch demonstrated (almost simultaneously and unknown to each other) the idea that contagion passes from one individual to another”. Normally speaking, we can observe that herbal medicines are in every way better than modern medicines as nature is the best curer by all means. The use of herbs for physical and mental ailments has been practiced since ever by civilizations all over the globe. There were all types of herbal medicines available for any kind of illness in ancient times. All indigenous groups used extensively herbal medicines for all diseases, and procured long life and health from it. However, as natural resources started getting scarce and with population increase, the use of herbs and medicines became lesser and unpopular. Research has revealed that people in different regions of world used same plants for same health problems. The highlight of herbal medicines is that, it gave relief to patients on a long-term basis and impacted less negatively on their health. These herbal medicines are natural form of treatment and are a gift from nature and require proper guidance from physicians to give full benefit to patients. The herbal medicines were very prominent until the scientist and physicians started discovering new medicines of chemical origin, which gave instant and prolonged benefit to people with health problems. The modern medicines have been ardently proven to be effective in treating diseases and illness of fatal nature .Without modern medicines many diseases would have been difficult to resist before a century or so. It can be definitely stated here that, human life span would have been cut short half if modern medicine would have been absent from our daily life. In the website (Alternative Medicine,2011)it is stated that ,“Conventional medicine is comprised of drugs that suppress the body's natural immune responses”. It is the world of the American Medical Association (AMA) which is aligned with the multibillion dollar pharmaceutical industry. There is no better medicine when it comes to surgery, emergency and trauma” The modern medicine has many benefits as it has allowed people to live healthily life with more comfort. As per (Singh,2010,pg.17-29)“Modern medicine has done much in the fields of infectious diseases and emergencies to aid cure”. However, when one focus on the side effects of modern medicines, all its value dooms in to dark. The modern medicines also being very costly, is many a times unaffordable for normal people .Another prominent dark side of modern ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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