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Cleveland Clinic CS - Case Study Example

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Case Analysis: The Cleveland Clinic BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Case Analysis: The Cleveland Clinic The Clinic’s Value Improvement Strategy It is the Patients First! philosophy, part of development of a cohesive and dedicated organizational structure and culture, that is the overall strategy for improving patient perceptions of value…
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Cleveland Clinic CS
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Extract of sample "Cleveland Clinic CS"

Download file to see previous pages Additionally, pricing as a value-added activity was included into the business model in order to extend value to patients. By organizing the business into specific specialty institutes, it allowed teams to examine the procurement model to identify potential redundancies or irrelevancy as it pertains to surgical supplies. There were assumptions with many physicians that certain supplies were required by peers in their network when, in reality, they were under-utilized products that could easily be removed from the cost of goods sold. By identifying opportunities to reduce procurement costs, this value could be extended back to the patient to illustrate how Cleveland Clinic could satisfy budget concerns with diverse patients from varying socio-economic backgrounds. Cost savings as a value-added component was also created by developing many multi-disciplinary teams as part of the organizational culture redevelopment under Patient First! methodology. Cleveland Clinic also managed to appeal to the psycho-social needs of many different non-professional staff members that contributed to the care model. By changing their labels from non-professional support workers to that of caregivers, it managed to establish a sense of social belonging in the organization that might not have been present prior to changing these role designations. According to respected models of psychology, establishing a sense of social belonging will ultimately lead to self-confidence (Morris & Maisto, 2005). Metrics illustrating improved patient satisfaction illustrate how appeals to psychological programming inherent in workers build more dedication and enthusiasm toward fulfilling organizational goals. Furthermore, by developing and launching many supplementary wellness programs, it built a more positive brand reputation for The Cleveland Clinic illustrating the depth and genuineness of legitimate care that patients could expect from this progressive and dedicated organization. Areas of Superior Progress at the Clinic Most definitely, the area in which the Clinic has excelled is in organizational culture development. Since 2007, it was a main goal of the business to establish multi-disciplinary teams as a methodology of improving total patient satisfaction and improving the quality of care. Through years of dedicated reward system establishments, improving the status of non-professional caregivers, and giving more shared decision-making to professional and caregiver staff, the organization was able to create a collectivist culture that remained focused and dedicated to achieving the organizational mission of Patient First! values. When an organization is able to create this type of culture, not commonly found in other bureaucratic business structures, it is a significant success. In collectivist cultures such as the one described in the case study, group members mold their identities against important peers and loss of face is a major consideration as it relates to reputation (Cheung, Cheung, Zhang, Leung, Leong & Yeh, 2008). The most successful benchmark for The Cleveland Clinic is changing social attitudes about employees’ relevancy and importance in the organization which has led to many efficiency and productivity gains that are perceived positively by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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