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Ariel Castro: Psychological and Social Profile - Research Paper Example

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This paper aims to provide an overview of the latest news regarding Castro’s abductions and his victims; to present psychological and sociological analyses using primary and secondary sources; and to offer recommendations to parents, communities, the government, and people with APD, so that these events can be avoided in the future…
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Ariel Castro: Psychological and Social Profile
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Download file to see previous pages May 6, 2013 is just an ordinary day for some people, but not for four captives. On that day, if Amanda Berry did not take the chance to call neighbors for help and if these neighbors did not promptly respond to her pleas, she and three other women, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, including Berry’s six-year-old daughter, might have suffered for many more years, if they were not killed yet. As the authorities and the media conduct further inquiries and accumulate evidence, many people cannot understand how someone as “evil” as fifty-two-year-old Ariel Castro could keep three women under his control for ten years without being caught. The media showed that despite several domestic violence charges and neighborhood complaints against him, the police did not search Castro’s house enough to reveal his captives, three women, whom he treated as sex slaves for ten years, and the jury has not imprisoned him for any of the charges against him (The Associated Press, 2013a, 2013b; Meyer, 2013). The inhumanity of Castro’s personality deserves further objective inquiry.
Because of the recentness of Castro’s capture, this paper has to predominantly rely on the news for information about his actions and identity. The news is not yet fully validated by police reports because of ongoing investigation and the sensitivity of the crimes. This paper’s analyses come from peer-reviewed journals and interviews with experts. The research questions are: Who is Ariel Castro? What made him do what he has done to these women? How can we avoid the social and psychological conditions that brought about his (under)development? This topic is personally important because of the value places in raising children in a humane society, so that crimes can be resolved. Society must also be concerned because people with psychological problems have social factors that affect their attitudes and behaviors. This paper aims to provide an overview of the latest news regarding Castro’s abductions and his victims; to present psychological and sociological analyses using primary and secondary sources; and to offer recommendations to parents, communities, the government, and people with APD, so that these events can be avoided in the future. Timeline of Kidnapping and Related Events After Amanda Berry ran to neighbors for help, the news of Castro’s atrocities continue to shock his neighbors and the public. All three women were kidnapped from Lorain Avenue. Their families filed reports that these women were missing, but the authorities did not find them and they did not have any strong leads (CNN, 2013). Michelle Knight, 21 during this time, was last seen on August 22, 2002. On April 21, 2003, Amanda Berry seemingly vanished before her seventeenth birthday, after her shift at a Burger King restaurant (CNN, 2013). On April 2, 2004, another fourteen-year-old girl became missing. Georgina DeJesus was last seen calling a pay phone with a friend to ask her friend’s mother if they could sleep over at DeJesus' house, but the mother said no (CNN, 2013). Some calls to the police showed that several people suspected something was wrong with Castro’s home. On November 2011, Israel Lugo, one of Castro’s neighbors, called police when he heard yelling in Castro’s house (CNN, 2013). The police came, but they left when no one answered the door (CNN, 2013). In the same month, another neighbor said that he called the police after seeing a woman in Castro’s attic window, but Cleveland police said that they did not have records of this call (CNN, 2013). The courts have met Castro several times in the past too. In 1993, Castro was arrested because of a domestic violence charge. He spent three days in jail before he was released on bail (Associated Press, 2013a). A grand jury did not push an indictment against him, based on court documents, which do not have details regarding allegations, including the identity of the person who brought the charges against him ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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