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The paper focuses on the Mariel Boat Lift, a famous event in the history that shoed the migration of hundreds and thousands of Cubans from Cuba to Miami Florida. The event occurred in 1980 when the Cubans gathered in waters of Cuba with their boats in order to take the immigrants back to Miami…
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The Mariel Boat Lift
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Download file to see previous pages Although Mariel Boatlift changed the policies of many European countries as well as America and they did think of providing political asylum to the Cubans but, still, there was a law in the European countries that any illegal immigrant coming to Europe from Cuba will be handed back to the Cuban government. Cuba is a very well known anti-human rights country. No human rights association is allowed to enter and work in this country because of the cruel anti-human rights actions taking place in the country and the rulers of that place do not want them to be exposed out in the whole world. These anti-Human rights actions were the main cause that leads to the immigration of millions of Cubans and they had to leave their country and countless innocent lives were lost in the process until the Mariel boatlift that started from a radio broadcast and turned out to be mass immigration.

Cuba is a communist country and violates several human rights incorporated into the Declaration of Human Rights. It suppresses its individuals thought process, religion, opinion, right to participate in government and other many things. Furthermore, it denies access to humanitarian organizations in Cuba (Tibanear). The Cuban government does not allow its citizens to immigrate without government authorization. Immigration was a crime punishable by jail time as well as monetary penalties. However, after 1989, Cuba’s economic conditions took a turn for the worst and Cubans were desperate to move even if it put their life to risk. An estimated 70,000 Cubans have probably died trying to migrate to America. More recently, the law has been signed where neighboring countries like the U.S Bahamas, etc return unauthorized Cuban immigrants to the Cuban government while many European countries do the same. However, in some cases, European countries provide political asylum. This just shows blurred international law about humanitarian rights (WerLau). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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