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W 10 : We as Citizens...2-Introduction to Florida History 2 - Essay Example

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The United States response was correct politically however some of the refugees from Cuba spent excessive tie waiting in immigration centers and others were sent to…
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W 10 : We as Citizens...2-Introduction to Florida History 2
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Extract of sample "W 10 : We as Citizens...2-Introduction to Florida History 2"

W 10: We as Citizens December 8, Actions taken by the US government saved thousands of life with very few casualties during the Mariel boat lift. The United States response was correct politically however some of the refugees from Cuba spent excessive tie waiting in immigration centers and others were sent to correctional facilities with no possibility under United States law of release. The assistance given to other Federal agencies was correct in that this enabled these agencies to deal with and investigate those with criminal records.
Because of these events Cuban’s have made a lasting and distinct impression on parts of Florida with their culture and heritage, bringing with them important traditions and expanding and starting families while taking advantage of the American civil liberties available to them though demonstrating and remembering to pass on their cultural traditions. They have heavily influenced the economy in areas of South Florida and have become an important contribution to the overall development and social progress among immigrants in these areas.
Those granted citizenship were able to enjoy lives which were less controlled and dictated and the United States benefited equally by the many talents and skills that this population possess making them unique as is each cultural group. Would the United States have not acted during the boat rescue it is likely that over 100,000 would have perished at sea before making the ninety miles trip to the Florida Coast while the Coast Guard and Auxiliary worked around the clock and though only 27 died at sea those 27 Cuban refugees are remembered as they risked all in their desire to escape the conditions imposed upon them by the Cuban government. Read More
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W 10 : We As Citizens...2-Introduction to Florida History 2 Essay.
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