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Literature review for research is there a need for cancer awarness programme - Essay Example

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NEED FOR ORAL CANCER AWARENESS PROGRAMME Introduction The need for public awareness and public education on oral cancer cannot be over emphasised. This is because of the risks that are involved in contracting the disease. It is reported that as many as 35,000 new Americans contract oral cancer every year (National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 2010)…
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Literature review for research is there a need for cancer awarness programme
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Extract of sample "Literature review for research is there a need for cancer awarness programme"

Download file to see previous pages In the United Kingdom for instance, some 1,985 deaths are recorded each year from oral cancer (Cancer Research UK, 2012). A careful pre-data collection observation has brought the researcher to the realisation that there are several people in the streets and public places of United Kingdom who lack adequate knowledge of what oral cancer is, the symptoms associated with oral cancer, the risk factors that come with oral cancer, and how dangerous the disease could be to their health. More surprising is the fact that the absence of adequate knowledge about the disease is even prevalent in various university campuses. This therefore raises the need for urgent awareness creation research and campaign among undergraduate students in the United Kingdom. In the current review of literature, a number of information is going to be included. It must be emphasised that the scope of information to be included in the literature review are largely dependent on the urgency of the level of awareness that students need to have on the disease. This is because the more people are made aware of areas of oral cancer they do not know, the better their chances of prohibiting themselves from falling victims to those aspects of oral cancer (Mahboobi and Ogden, 2011). To this end some of the key information that will be included in the literature review would be the available statistical database on oral cancer. There shall also be information various ways by which people of different educational background can guard themselves against contracting oral cancer. Even more, the researcher shall delve into various risk factors associated with oral cancer as well as reviewing various disease control measures. Furthermore, existing literature shall be reviewed on the impact of health worker awareness on eradication of oral cancer. Having noted the importance that awareness creation among public health workers would generate, the literature review shall further look at various models that would work best in an awareness creation campaign among students and health workers. By stating that literature from existing researchers shall be reviewed, the researcher is making the implication that the selected literature shall be thoroughly summarised on the information they put out, after which they shall be compared and contrasted to each other. This would be necessary to bring out various knowledge bases about different aspects of the disease. The researcher shall also go ahead to identify major limitations that are associated with the various works of literature that are reviewed. The rationale for the entire research and this accompanying literature review is thus to identify areas about the disease where awareness creation is needed most and finding models to go about the awareness creation exercise. This is directly linked to the research question that proponents that “is there a need for oral cancer awareness programme?” Search Strategy Keywords: Awareness models, awareness programmes, awareness, knowledge, mouth cancer, oral cancer policy, Oral cancer, oral promotion, public awareness, risk factors, undergraduate students. All in all, there were four major stages in the search of database for information. The first stage had to do with the identification of key and major words that the researcher was going to search for information about. There were as many keywords as possible, some of which have been ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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