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If You Were a Cancer, Which Would You Be and Why - Admission/Application Essay Example

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 If you were a cancer, which would you be and why? Cancer is a malignant neoplasm that is characterized by growth of abnormal cells in the body and the growth is usually uncontrollable. Cancer is a medical condition that is feared by every human being because of its devastating course of disease, resistance to most of the curative strategies and poor prognosis characterized by recurrences and short survival rates…
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If You Were a Cancer, Which Would You Be and Why
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Extract of sample "If You Were a Cancer, Which Would You Be and Why"

Download file to see previous pages The affected individuals are emotionally traumatized and many experience anxiety, fear and depression due to the malignancies they are suffering from. Lung cancer is currently listed as one of the most common cancers and also associated with the highest mortality rates in United States. This statistical data holds true for both the genders equally. According to CDC, in 2008, 208, 493 people were diagnosed with lung cancer in United States and 158,592 people died in United States due to lung cancer (Centers for Disease Control and prevention 2012). Lung cancer is considered to cause more deaths than any other deadly cancer including cancers of colon, breast and prostate (Kernstine & Reckamp 2011). Therefore, lung cancer has still maintained a high statistical record in terms of mortality and morbidity in spite of the continuous efforts made by the doctors and scientists to prevent and treat it. It is because of the highly significant and medically vital status of lung cancer, that I have chosen this particular variety as the core idea for my topic. If I were a cancer, I would choose to be a lung cancer because of the current vital status of lung cancer for the entire medical world. ...
e to this cancer because of the complex nature of the cancer itself and the high standards of details it requires for a complete diagnosis and advanced therapeutic techniques. The confirmatory diagnosis cannot be made merely on the clinical picture and examination but newly implied imaging techniques and biopsies have to be used to reach to a diagnosis. These help the doctor to group the patient into low, moderate or high-risk patients. Ultrasound guided- transesophageal and transbronchial biopsies are helpful in not only making a diagnosis but also help in guiding the health professional about the staging of the tumor (Kernstine & Reckamp 2011). It is clearly evident that lung cancer requires high standards of equipment and very thorough research and carefulness to reach a satisfactory diagnosis and later on therapy. The uniqueness, highly demanding characteristics and complexity of the cancer are the foremost reasons of my choice for lung cancer. One of the fearful features of lung cancer is the poor prognostic characteristics of this malignancy. With a poor prognosis, lung cancer has only a cure rate of 16%. As mentioned earlier lung cancer requires great amount of technique and detail to be detected accurately and at an earlier stage. One of the main reasons for poor prognosis is the late detection of the cancer which makes it difficult to treat the cancer at the later stages of its course. Another important reason is the lack of efficient therapeutic techniques available for the systemic disease (Stewart 2010). The challenging features of lung cancer making it difficult to treat and control are another aspect that lead to my choice. The poor prognosis caused due to late detection and inefficient therapies urges the researchers and scientists to look for newer and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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