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Trauma and Pre Hospital Care - Essay Example

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Trauma and Pre Hospital Care Name Institution Trauma and Pre Hospital Care Question 1 Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma (FAST) is a diagnostic modality that can be used by trauma surgeons to establish whether there are intra-abdominal injuries. The pre hospital management is the care the patient receives immediately in the event that they have been injured…
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Trauma and Pre Hospital Care
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Extract of sample "Trauma and Pre Hospital Care"

Download file to see previous pages Yes, FAST has a place in prehospital management because it helps identify the intra-abdominal injuries faster. DPL and CT are the commonly used modalities. These diagnostic regimens are made in such a manner that all general surgeon may be able to apply them in case of evaluating (BAT) Blunt abdominal trauma, in its initial stages (Moore 2005). FAST is used in the initial evaluation stages, but hemoperitoneum is excluded in the diagnostic modalities. In case, the Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma (FAST) does not work or turns negative then the computerized tomography and or diagnostic peritoneal lavage (DPL) may be used in the initial evaluation (Schwarcz 2007). When the resort has been to DPL then gross blood on the initial aspiration is what is used to make the clinical decisions. In the event that this is done successfully, that is there been a positive DPL then a CT scan is done as a follow up strategy (Felice 2008). This is especially if there are suspected injuries at the pelvic regions, pancreas, diaphragm and also genitourinary tract. Laparotomy that is exploratory is usually evident in unstable patients (hemodynamically) with a positive FAST. If the patients are stable (hemodynamically) and they have a positive FAST, then the CT will ensure that there is non- operative care and management of injuries (Blow 2008). Many surveillance studies have indicated that the mentioned diagnostic modalities; CT, DPL and repeated FAST are used on stable patients (hemodynamically) with FAST results that cannot be determined (negative results) (Root HD 2002). Most times when these diagnostic tests (CT, FAST and DPL) are carried out the patients usually have manifested abnormal mentation or the findings from examining the patients physically are equivocal. There are instances when patients have the seat belt signs this is managed by ensuring that the patient is admitted, and observation and physical exams carried out on them. In cases where the FAST and or CT test have determined an intraperitoneal fluid then the patient DPL is finally used to determine the nature of that fluid (Rodriguez 2002). Question 2 Bali is a tourist destination for many people especially in the Australian sides. The climate is excellent for holidaying and the destination can suit anyone’s budget. Moreover, the Balinese people are of a friendly nature. This peaceful and happy environment was disrupted once with a nightclub bombing in October 2002. Many people were left injured, and about a hundred people died (Lopez-Viego 2002). The Bali bombing victims were not given normal fluid doses that were set by the Parkland formula. This is because of many reasons. Firstly and foremost, the resources were limited. There are several hospitals in Bali. Sanglah is a leading hospital in the region. On this particular day, Sanglah laid a corridor with a maze and partially covered walkways. The patients were many, and there were inadequate resources to cater for all their needs. The hospital was filled with all sorts of patients ranging from those with minor injuries, Blunt abdominal trauma, minor burns and lacerations (Rodriguez 2002). There were wards that had been set aside for patients who had sustained severe injuries for intensive care. Despite all the efforts that had been made to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Trauma and Pre Hospital Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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