Rural/Community Hospital Role Transition - Essay Example

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Rural Hospital Practice Institution Introduction Medical practice reaches out to people in different ways. Depending mostly with the level of seriousness with which the patient is infected, referrals are made. This may be at a rural or Federal level…
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Rural/Community Hospital Role Transition
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Download file to see previous pages Being an RN nursing student I had an opportunity to have a field experience CentraCare hospital which is in Sauk Center Minnesota. This facility is viewed as a level IV trauma hospital. In addition, I will be a RN at CentraCare hospital which is in St.Cloud Minnesota in May after working as a LPN. I wish to clarify here that the society which leaves in this place is not poverty stricken as many residents there run their own businesses. Goals set out to be accomplished in the Rural Hospital Assignment and how they were met My field experience assignment opened up a lot of challenges that have to be accomplished if the medical practice in the rural hospitals has to be taken to another level of quality service. A close comparison between the urban medical facilities and the rural hospitals shows some discrepancies that strongly suggest eminent challenges which lag behind efficiency of the rural hospitals. Most residents who are inhabitants of Sauk Centre where the rural hospital is located are Catholics by religion and their strong faiths believe and affiliation is something which has had implications on the performance of this hospital. In addition the hospital is a nonprofit making entity thus influence from the locals in some way is inevitable. Due to the above setting, I was able to note that there is under maximization of time spent by the staff of the hospital. This is mainly because some of them, in fact most of them, are attached to learning institutions whereby they are furthering education to attain requirements to work in all certified medical hospitals (Rural Assistance Centre 2013). For this case, maximization of staff time at place of work is something that needs urgent realization if performance has to be maintained high. The time which is swallowed up by the study time needs to be reclaimed. Running of these hospitals by semi-qualified people is the ultimate challenge that results in poor health services. As a RN, I purposed to look into the means which would ensure that the qualification of those employed as staffs in these hospitals meets all the medical credentials needed and enough to pave way for convenient shift allocations. This saw a proposal to institute or outsource competent hiring body. Research is very instrumental for any medical institution but for the time of stay at this rural hospital, I realized that it is underdeveloped and not accorded the seriousness it demands (Effken & Abbott, 2009). Any institution anywhere in the world is graded with the efficiency with which it involves in research based program. This directly translates that the rural hospital will continue to be rated low in service delivery as long as they continue to derail and institute a research based system that will ensure quality development and health provision to the locals. This is something I squarely treat it as a personal goal that I look forward to accomplish within the shortest time possible of my assignment at the hospital through establishment of structures that deal with the planning and implementation process (CentraCare Health System, 2013). The structures were aimed at modernizing and offering of research related treatment. I was not impressed with the way the locals were influencing the rural hospital operations. I purpose to ensure that the beliefs and personalized ideologies of the locals do to deter the development of the hospital. This is quite a collective goal as it involves all the stakeholders in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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