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Effects of Obesity - Essay Example

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Effects of Obesity When weight increase happens to such an extent that it starts affecting someone’s health, this phenomenon is called obesity. There is a certain range of weights given in Body Mass Index for every age and if the weight is more than what the range allows, a person is said to be obese…
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Effects of Obesity
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Effects of Obesity

Download file to see previous pages... If we see in the context of the US, the obesity epidemic has affected the national budget. Research has identified obesity effects at four levels i.e. direct medical costs, productivity costs, transportation costs and Human capital costs (Ross A Hammond). More than two thirds of Americans are overweight and obesity rates have been doubled since 1970 to over 30 % (Ross A Hammond).Due to the diseases caused by obesity, absenteeism is increasing and accounting the largest part of productivity pressures caused by obesity (Ross A Hammond). In addition, it contributes to loss of productivity because obese people are less active and therefore less productive (Ross A Hammond). Also an increased level of obesity means more transportation and large vehicles required to transport employees or commuters (Ross A Hammond). So obesity is also affecting the US economically, increasing not only health costs but also the economy is suffering in terms of productivity and human capital. If we see the international effects of obesity, World Health Organization says that obesity has been tripled in the last twenty years (Douglas) . Dr. Meera Shekar, senior nutrition specialist with World Bank, says that malnutrition cuts two to three percent of GDP of large countries, and growing rate of obesity can do the same (Douglas) . As obesity is supposed to reduce life expectancy, obesity is affecting the global economy as well (Douglas). A study proposed that by 2050, people will live five years less then now, if efforts are not done to reduce obesity globally (Douglas) . Also the prevalence of obesity is now being shifted from rich to poor in developing countries and this is what happened in France where obesity is five times more prevalent in low income groups than high earners, according to a regional advisor of WHO, Dr. Franceso Barsa (Douglas). Globalization has been proved to be a very useful phenomena as it increased knowledge, enhanced technology and proved out very useful for big Multinationals. However, at the negative side it has caused such social and economic shifts that have increased wealth and obesity as well (Globalization and Obesity). Obesity was a public health problem in a few countries over the last two decades, but now it has become a global problem and some call it ‘globesity epidemic’. Worldwide, one out of every three adults is obese. If this trend continues, 60 percent of the whole world will be obese by 2030 (Globalization and Obesity). Overweight is becoming a bigger problem than malnutrition in poor and middle income countries. Fast food culture is one of the main reasons of increasing obesity and nowadays it is becoming more common as people have less time. Obesity not only increases health costs but also imposes a lot of economic costs of countries. The indirect impacts of obesity are more than the direct health impacts (Derek Yach). In poor countries the public pays for their own healthcare and so the diseases caused by obesity are badly affecting the economic situation of citizens (Derek Yach). The cost of treatment is high which makes it unaffordable for lower income groups. In India, 15-25% of household income is spent on medical treatment (Derek Yach). In Tanzania, this cost constitutes 25 percent of lowest wage or 20 times the per capita health expenditure. In Bangladesh, this expenditure is 6 to 12 month’s wages or $160 per year (Derek Yach). So these costs are increasingly causing poverty (Derek Yach). A recent survey in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effects of Obesity
Currently, children and adolescents who weigh more than is healthy for them, they deepen their ability to contract obesity; a disease is normally seen in adults and they probably die of diseases related to heart since, if their body mass index (BMI) happens to record overweight, they may be at risk of being obese (Freedman, 2008).
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Major Causes and Effects of the Obesity Epidemic
For decades, Americans have been dealing with many difficulties that relate to academics, politics, and finance. America has undergone many tribulations including the great depression of the 1930s and recently, the terrorism attacks of 2001. These extremely aggressive acts of mutiny directed towards the already ailing American citizens add to external force of terrorism, a threatening oblige that is plaguing America since the 1960s.
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The Factors of Obesity and Its Economic Effects
The current lifestyle of most people which is fundamentally centered on instant gratification is one of the persistent reasons cited for this problem. It has been estimated that obesity has a cost for it affects the economy and it is estimated to be within $70 billion spent on health care, disability, lost potential wage earned and other determinants.
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Causes and effects of obesity
[Student’s Name] [Instructor’s Name] [Course name and code] 19th June 2011. Causes and effects of obesity: Obesity has become quite common in the contemporary age. This paper looks into some causes and effects of obesity. Obesity is the result of the modern way of living and causes many upsetting psychological and physical consequences.
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Advertising and it's effects on childhood obesity
One of the most significant public health problems faced by the United States is obesity and overweight, especially in children. Obesity in children is normally caused by the lack of physical exercises, wasting most of the time sedentary entertainments, unhealthy eating habits and so on.
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Effects of Fast Foods in the Increase of Obesity
Often, there is confusion when talking about obesity. Obesity and overweight are usually not differentiated as they should be. Overweight and obesity both refer to the overall body weight and whether it is too high. Overweight is having extra body weight from bone, fat, and /or water. Obesity is having a high amount of extra body fat.
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Obesity in children-long term effects
Childhood obesity has both immediate and long-term effects that prevents them from having an active lifestyle and adds to their medical expenses. As
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Cause and Effects of Increase in Obesity in US
The author outlines the factors that lead to obesity and how it affects the physical and mental health of the person. The social bias emerges from the general notion that obese people lack self-control. The prevalence of negative attitudes towards obese people has been reported not only in adults but children too.
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Effects of Fast Foods on Obesity
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What are the causes and effects of obesity
The author of this essay aims to analyze the roots of obesity such as lack of physical activity, poor eating habits and how it affects the physical and mental health of an obese person. Close analyses of global trends reveal that countries are moving from food scarcity and crossing over to increasing obesity rates.
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