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Report Project On Obesity - Essay Example

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This is a standardized measure that requires no special equipment. It’s based on the height and weight of the individual.
In adults, the major limitation of BMI as an index…
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Report Project On Obesity
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Download file to see previous pages for differences in height and weight, it does not distinguish between mass due to say accumulated body fat and mass due to having more muscles, neither does it account for the distribution of body fat in any way. These aspects play a critical role in determining the health risk an individual faces.
For children, BMI needs to be adjusted for age and gender since there is a different growth pattern amongst boys and girls of different age. This therefore implies that it wouldn’t be possible to have a single universal classification of obesity in children (The NHS Information Centre, Lifestyles Statistics., 2012).
Morbidly obese: 40 and over: Morbidly obese adults have a very high health risk. Additionally, they have lots of health complications such as hypertension and diabetes that can be directly attributed to the increased weight. Due to the excess weight, the patients also find it mobility a more difficult task.
Using the Finished Admission Episode (FAE), which is the first period of inpatient care under one consultant within one healthcare provider, a graph of obesity against time between the year 2000 and 2011 grouped by gender is shown in figure 1 below.
One of the potential causes of obesity is lack of physical activity. As such, the level of physical activity of a respondent may influence their potential for becoming obese. Data on levels of physical activities of adults is available for the years 1997, 1998, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008 from the HSE 2010 trends table.
An attempt at establishing whether there is a connection between obesity and physical activity is achieved through literature review. In particular, a check at the sections on obesity and physical activity in adults (page 18) and similarly for children (page 24) in the report “Statistics on obesity, physical activity and diet: England 2012” (2012) reveals that there is an apparent connection between obesity and physical activity.
There is potential for obesity to have long run harmful ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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