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Health Inequality - Essay Example

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Health inequality Name Institution Health inequality Literature review Health inequality is also known as health disparities; this is the gap in the quality or efficiency of health and healthcare across racial, sexual orientation, ethnic and socioeconomic groups…
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Health Inequality Essay
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"Health Inequality"

Download file to see previous pages The causes of these disparities include lifestyle behaviors. Disparity, when it comes to public health refers to a chain of events that vary from environment access to health care facilities, utilization of these facilities and of course to the quality of service. Also, it is noted that a particular outcome of health status can be evaluated as inequitable since maybe it requires scrutiny (Wilkinson, 2007). Health inequalities are caused majorly by socio economic status of individuals, but they can also be attributed to the human capital model; which is the amount of physiological stock that each individual is born with. Most of the time the stock depreciates with time depending on life the individual chooses to live (diet, smoking, drinking and other life choices). The lifestyle factors are a major contributor to inequalities. Health inequalities are also influenced by intergenerational causes; they are passed down from one generation to another. This may not only mean through genetics but also by how their mothers behaved during their pregnancy and as they raise the children. Parent’s health behaviors may influence their children at an early stage.The relationship between health and health inequalities is extremely close. It is as if one is talking about the same thing but at different angles. Health inequalities result in poor health circumstances therefore it is necessary to curb the causes that facilitate health inequalities. The accessibility of health care is considered as a contributing factor of inequality in health. The most compelling is the one that involves the accessibility of health facilities for the aged. Inadequacy in health services is a significant determinant of inequality of health. The importance and substantial concerns of health inequalities The greatest concerns are the lifestyle factors, accessibility to health care and socio economic factors. The lifestyles factors are sometimes known as the closest causes of health inequalities because they are the chief causes of disease. They are worse than situations such as poverty, housing and education. The lifestyle factors include smoking, alcohol consumption, drug use, weight, sexual behaviors that are not acceptable, nutrition, drug use, exercise, weight and even stress. The mentioned lifestyle behaviors have contributed to lifestyle diseases such as obesity, lung cancer, HIV/AIDS, liver cirrhosis and eventual death for some people who over indulge or after practicing some of the mentioned behaviors extensively. Socio economic factors are a crucial contributing factor. Poverty is an underlying problem here. The people who cannot afford good healthy behaviors succumb to the effects of health inequality. Their housing and clothing can be a contributing factor. Some individuals are exposed to poor living condition, where sanitation is not considered prime. They suffer from disease and cannot afford health care services. They eventually languish in pain and suffering due to their inability to buy medicine or even pay for hospital bills. Socio economic factors tend to go beyond the affecting the individual of a certain social status directly. They tend affect even their lifestyles. A rich man who smokes can live for longer than a man who smokes and is poor. This reflects majorly on the how a rich man can take care of themselves even as they smoke but the poor man may not be able to pay for his medical bills especially when they are suffering from lifestyle disease ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Health Inequality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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