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The Importance of Health Promotion in Tackling Mental Health Among Black African Community in UK - Essay Example

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The Importance of Health Promotion in Tackling Mental Health Among Black African Communities in UK Did you know that according to recent data, one out of nine young Black men ages 18 to 34 are in prison? Well, this is just one of the problems that Black African Communities are facing today (Poverty and Life in The Black Community - African Culture, n.d)…
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The Importance of Health Promotion in Tackling Mental Health Among Black African Community in UK
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, this paper will examine if there is a significant effect of promoting health in decreasing the number of cases of mental illnesses that Black Africans are now facing in the UK such as depression, schizophrenia, and mental stress. Black British which is the term used to describe British people who have Black African descent are those people who have partial ancestry from native populations of Sub-Saharan Africa. Going back to history, they are also the descendants of the enslaved Africans in the former British colonies in the West Indies. With this fact, one could say that most of their history would have to do with slavery, reconstruction, participation in military, racial segregation, and the civil rights movement (Black British, n.d). Indeed, Black Africans experienced a troubling and painful history. Until today, Black Africans who are residing in the UK are experiencing a lot of challenges that has to do with their race, background, culture, and even language. A new study shows that Black Africans who are settling in the United Kingdom, though have a better life condition that in the past history, would still face the question of whether they are able to integrate or are being segregated. Well, the answer to this would differ based on one’s national and ethnic background (Black Africans in Britain: Integration or Segregation, n.d). According to the study of Dr. Lavinia Mitton and Mr Peter Aspinall of the University of Kent, they say that Black African communities in the United Kingdom are one of the most diverse group that are living in the country. This is because of their wide range of experience in terms of their country of birth, religion, and native language. This poses a rigid distinction between Black Africans from those that are originally residing in United Kingdom. Currently, there are now 737,000 'Black Africans' in England and Wales and they are considered the fastest growing ethnic group in the UK. Most of this population are migrants. The challenges that Black Africans are facing today is the language barrier that is making them have a hard time to communicate with other people and at the same time express their feelings to others. Aside from that, they are also experiencing financial limitations and other problems that resulted when they settled in the UK. The ethnic group that are most disadvantaged by settling down in United Kingdom would be the Somalis and Congolese. They are ones who are finding the hardest time to integrate to the new environment where the common reasons for this would be the common assumption that ‘Black Africans’ do not have a hard time when it comes to linguistic barriers thus, making them cope without any help from locals in the UK. The fact is that language is the biggest barrier for them to succeed or thrive in the UK. This is because with the language barrier, they find difficulties in their education or in getting a job (Black Africans in Britain: Integration or Segregation, n.d). Also deprivation in the life conditions of these Black Africans living in the United Kingdom would vary by home language, where pupils from Somali, Lingala and French-speaking homes would have the highest level of eligibility for free schools meals, while Igbo, Yoruba and Shona speakers are ones who live in financially better-off households. The worse living condition ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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