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Black and Ethnic Minority Men in Mental Health Hospitals - Literature review Example

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This research “Black and Ethnic Minority Men in Mental Health Hospitals” seeks to establish the reasons or factors behind the high mental health problems that are more common with blacks and other minority groups as opposed to the whites and other majority groups…
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Black and Ethnic Minority Men in Mental Health Hospitals
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Extract of sample "Black and Ethnic Minority Men in Mental Health Hospitals"

Download file to see previous pages These minority groups are also the ones that are prone to having mental problems according to past studies. This research will target the aforementioned minority groups with a focus on the 18-30 age bracket considering that this group is most targeted by law enforcement authorities. Although mental health problems are not only restricted to males, this survey will involve only males. The high rate of mental health cases in the United Kingdom is a problem that faces not only the government but also social care organizations. Social workers are faced with a lot of challenges in dealing with mental health problems among the Black and ethnic minority groups. High levels of stigma related to some of the mental illness lead to social exclusion and this has affected the willingness of social groups to provide support to patients with mental health problems. This has also been affected more by the socioeconomic status of the Black and ethnic minority groups because of their incapability to support others (Boardman p180). Social workers should be aware of the levels of the socioeconomic status of the people and offer the necessary support. It is true that the majority of these people are poor and unemployed but their mental status is very vital in getting meaningful employment. A number of researchers who have researched about mental illness among people from different ethnic communities have found that black and ethnic minority men are more likely to suffer from mental illnesses and conditions as compared to their white counterparts. These findings have had a considerable impact on the work of social workers not only in the UK but in other parts of the world as well. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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