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Osteopathic Medicine - Essay Example

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Osteopathic medicine is a methodology of medicine practice in America (Chila & Fitzgerald, 2010). A graduating physician receives an osteopathy degree. These physicians have the capability of performing surgery and prescribing the required medication just as the allopathic doctors…
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Osteopathic Medicine
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This has accelerated the opening up of numerous osteopathic schools to accommodate the high numbers of practicing osteopaths. According to some conducted research, nearly 55,000 certified physicians perform osteopathy recently. Estimates show that, in the next two years, around four thousand physicians will indulge into the workforce yearly (Chila & Fitzgerald, 2010). These physicians largely accentuate on the significance of the skeletal system and environmental factors in order to uphold proper health. A large number of these physicians are either, practitioners within the family or specialize in emergencies. It is imperative to say that these physicians perform their work in both osteopathic hospitals and private practice. Physicians have a vast responsibility as they serve to coordinate the therapeutic treatment from the start until the end. It is worth denoting that they scrutinize the symptoms, and conditions of the patients thereby managing superior results. The foundation of osteopathic medicine began late in 1864 at Missouri (Chila & Fitzgerald, 2010). Andrew Taylor founded this career as he renowned that the current medical practices caused more harm, instead of better quality. This medical doctor paid attention to establishing a medical system that would elicit the innate capability of the body in healing itself. Therefore, he termed this medicine system as osteopathic medicine. ...
This career strongly focuses on promotion of health and prevention of disease in order to enhance high levels of wellness among individuals. These physicians work jointly with their patients since they consider the impacts posed by the community and lifestyle, towards the health of every individual. Therefore, they work towards dismantling the barriers to proper health. It is worth denoting that these physicians have the permit of practicing the whole medicine scale in all the fifty states. They have the potential of exercising this career in various surroundings such as in the military, and aerospace medicine (Gevitz, 2004). The essential training of osteopathic physicians facilitates them to communicate effectively with individuals from dissimilar origins. This medical profession boasts of producing practitioners who substantially offer primary care in line with the mission statement. Osteopathic medicine entails an exceptional focus on providing outmost care in the suburb areas. This permits the osteopathic physicians to impact greatly on the health of the entire population in America. It is imperative to say that this medical profession is growing rampantly in the America. Studies in America reveal that out of five medical students, one of them attends an osteopathic medicinal institution (Gevitz, 2004). The critical concept learnt by osteopathic students is that structure readily affects function. If there are instances of a single problem in the structure of the body, there is an interruption of functions in the surrounding area. The majority of the osteopathic techniques aim at plummeting or eliminating barriers to an appropriate structure, and role. There are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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