Explain your reasons for wanting to become a doctor of Ostepathic Medicine - Admission/Application Essay Example

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At this time, my family and I were living in Iran and the medical system was not nearly as developed in this region as it is today, therefore access to competent and knowledgeable…
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Explain your reasons for wanting to become a doctor of Ostepathic Medicine
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Why I desire to become a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine During childhood, my grandfather developed a long-term illness which eventually led to his death. At this time, my family and I were living in Iran and the medical system was not nearly as developed in this region as it is today, therefore access to competent and knowledgeable doctors was not commonplace. After his death, my grandmother noted in response to my inquiries that my grandfather had passed away because the regional health system was not sufficient or quality enough to successfully diagnose and treat him.
During this period, I was also exposed to the wages of the Iran and Iraq war, living through ongoing gas poisoning which was part of the warfare being waged between the nations. Nearly every member of my own family was later diagnosed with a variety of different diseases, including a personal bout with lung cancer, with each health crisis directly linked with gas warfare. I can remember being eight years old, watching my family suffer with health crises, but being unable to do anything to help as I witnessed cherished family members pass away. It was at this defining moment that medicine became the cornerstone of my career ambitions, both to improve the health care system in my native country and to give me the skills necessary to make a difference in promoting better health through medicine domestically and internationally.
I believe the role of a competent and qualified doctor is not only the treatment of patients, but also being able to identify with their sociological and psychological needs in a way that is meaningful during times of frustration or anxiety created by health crises. I have always had a moderate empathetic personality which has helped me to develop better communications practices and equipped me for dealing with diverse demographics. Because the medical field seems to require dynamic, interpersonal-focused leaders in order to enhance practice and satisfy diverse patient beliefs and values, I have always felt that my personality is well-suited for medicine and could serve to make a tremendous difference in the lives of people both domestically and around the world. Though I realise that a competent physician must maintain a professional distance from patients, I genuinely believe that a doctor should also have considerable skills in relation to cultural beliefs and the changing social dynamic in order to be an effective medical practitioner.
Research conducted into different types of medical professions led me to be most interested in Osteopathic medicine, involving an approach to health care in which the musculoskeletal system is considered to be a strong contributor to better health and disease resistance. When investigating different, potential treatment options in osteopathic medicine, I was drawn to the more holistic elements of the practice. The current emotional state of patients and their overall attitude regarding successful treatment and outcomes, I believe, strongly impacts the healing process. Somewhat negating the physical aspects of osteopathic treatment, I genuinely believe that my personality and skill variety are uniquely-crafted for osteopathic medicine. Coupled with a strong ambition to assist society in living a healthier lifestyle and personal experience with war and disease, this makes me an ideal candidate for entry into the osteopathy programme, and I believe I can bring considerable value as a student in this field of medicine. Read More
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