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I would like you to examine the doctor/patient relationship as it has evolved in the US. With the advent of the informed patient - Essay Example

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Instructor Date Sociology: Doctor/Patient Relationship Contemporary environment is full of dynamisms and turbulences especially regarding relationships. Different relationships in the current environment are experiencing significant and drastic changes…
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I would like you to examine the doctor/patient relationship as it has evolved in the US. With the advent of the informed patient
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Extract of sample "I would like you to examine the doctor/patient relationship as it has evolved in the US. With the advent of the informed patient"

Download file to see previous pages One of the relationships significantly affected by technological developments and contemporary dynamisms and turbulences is the doctor-patient relationship. Through the internet resulting from technological developments, patients acquire a lot of information regarding various ailments. With the advent of the informed patient through the internet, patients come to the office with much more information and questions than in the past (Brym & Lie 13). With reference to US, doctor-patient relationships have significantly changed in terms of functionalist, conflict, and symbolic interactionist theories. Such relationships have shown deviance and stratification amongst communities and nations. According to functionalist theory concerning nature of mental states, the internet has influenced t a great concern mental states of patients. Functionalism theory states that identification of mental states is based on what individuals do rather than what they are made of. The internet has changed how patients react towards doctors. Patients’ states of mind have been corrupted through information obtained through the internet. The internet provides so much information concerning health and other diseases. Patients in contemporary world have information regarding their sicknesses at their fingertip (Brym & Lie 27). Consequently, doctors find it difficult to examine and diagnose various ailments patients are suffering from. Prescribing of medicines is today a problem for many doctors. With changed state of mind through the internet, patients identify their ailments from experienced symptoms and the likely drugs that are applicable hence approach doctors with specific expectations. Such behaviors significantly affect doctor-patient relationships where doctors are forced to prescribe as proposed by their patients. After all, doctor-patient relationships are contracts based on faith and that each party should be able to abide by the contract requirements. Since the basic and classical idea that mental states are internal states of various thinking creatures, functionalism theory proposes that patients use their minds to think and reason. Consequently, once information from the internet has corrupted such minds it becomes very hard for such patients to change their beliefs especially regarding their ailments, diagnosis, and their prescriptions as well (Ferrante 28). After obtaining information regarding some of the ailments having the same symptoms as the ones they are experiencing, it becomes difficult for doctors within US to change their patients’ thinking organ, the mind that has already been corrupted by information from the internet. This worsens the relationship between the doctor and patient. However much a doctor tries to convince the patient otherwise, the latter becomes defiant thus develop a feeling that his or her doctor is not being sincere or lack the idea hence not in a position to treat him or her (Ferrante 31). Therefore, with the introduction and development of the internet, relationship between doctors and patients are significantly going sour due to immense corruption of the state of mind by information obtained through the technological device, which has become part of contemporary lives. The other theory applicable in establishing deviance and stratification amongst doctors and patients in their relationships is the conflict theory. According to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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