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The use of animals in research and its ethical consideration/ point of view - Essay Example

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The benefits obtained from these researches outweighs the pain and suffering they go through and their use therefore should be morally and ethically justified as some of these break throughs could not have been achieved without their use…
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The use of animals in research and its ethical consideration/ point of view

Download file to see previous pages... The controversial point of discussing will be on pain and suffering they go through during research. This is the point of contention in this research as many people including scientists have different opinions on this topic. The position I will take in regard to their use in research is that their usage is ethical and it should be morally justified as it has lead to numerous advances in science. In response to opposing views in this research, I will seek to provide substantial information on the benefits of using them in research and also discuss the discoveries achieved which otherwise would not have been made. I will also discuss the contagious issues facing animal use in research. Organizational method Reductio ad absurdum will be the best method to use. This mode of argumentation is very important as it establishes a contention by deriving an absurdity from its denial. Using this method I will provide the benefits of doing research using animals and try to show how it has benefited many and improved our lives.I will also provide evidence to back up my arguments and then make a logical conclusions based on these arguments. Outline Introduction The back ground information should include a brief historical perspective on use of animal models in scientific research. Animals have been used for decades in experiments as evident from Greek writings (animal experimentation). The benefits of using experimental animals are numerous. ...
Today more lives have been saved; there are improved human health standards, increased productivity in livestock due to researches involving animals. Examples of animals (species) used are; mice, rats, insects, rabbits, sea slugs, fruit flies. In genetics for example the major breakthroughs achieved were made possible through studies involving fruit fly Drosophila spp (Black, 2001) Body There are many types of research in which animals have been used. For example, animal have been used in basic or pure research in understanding embryogenesis and developmental biology. In genetics and evolution, animals have led to better understanding of the behavior of organisms in their environment. In applied research which focuses on solving current problems affecting the society like finding cure of certain diseases, animals have been used to understand disease conditions and to conduct pre-clinical trials. Animals have been used in genetic modulations in order to study diseases, they are used to obtain xenografts for transplantation, they have been used in drug testing for toxicology, for metabolism and efficacy tests, cosmetic testing, in education and in breeding. Last but not least animals have been used to produce monoclonal antibodies. On the other hand, there are many ethical questions in regard to use of animals in scientific research. These are issues pertaining pain and suffering as proposed by Tom Regan and others, moral issues on the use of xenografts due to religions and personal beliefs, experiment discomfort, introduction of pathogens to the field and humanists point of view (Larry, 2004). An example of a major case that has drawn attention both in beneficial scientific research and where there have been allegations of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Is the Use of Animals in Research Ethical

This research is important because it will help to bring to an end or minimize the strife that exists between scientists and groups that argue that the use of animals in research is unethical. Its results and recommendations will form the basis of formulating a resolution that will end the threats that researchers receive from animal rights activists.

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