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Multivitamin supplements linked to risk of early death among elderly women - Essay Example

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Running Head: Multivitamin Supplements & Elderly Women Multivitamin Supplements & Elderly Women Multivitamin Supplements & Elderly Women There are several on-going debates in the world of medicine, each of which is not possible to resolve absolutely, due to the high amounts of research that supports each of their sides…
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Multivitamin supplements linked to risk of early death among elderly women
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Extract of sample "Multivitamin supplements linked to risk of early death among elderly women"

Download file to see previous pages This way the information that the media presents is not biased towards one stance, but rather, criticize each side. Using this media coverage, the person is more equipped to make an informed decision and hold an educated opinion. One interesting new topic from this field is the effect that multivitamins have on the death rates of elderly women. For several years, doctors have recommended their patients to take vitamin supplements in case of mineral deficiencies of any kind. It was, and still is a common belief that these vitamins help enhancing the lives of these patients by restoring the minerals their bodies are deficient in, thus enriching their health. On the surface, the administering of such a medicine did not seem to have a downside. However, critics claimed that this manner of consuming minerals and vitamins is unnatural and unhealthy for a human being. These critics believe that a healthy food intake gives a person all the nutrition they need, and that using drugs to get this nutrition is just going to add to the health problems of the patient. These critics reference a 19-year study that the ‘'Dietary Supplements and Mortality Rate in Older Women: Iowa Women's Health Study' (published in the Archives of Internal Medicine) (n.d. 2011) to support their argument. This study, however, is a controversial one. Both proponents and opponents of this topic can derive support for their arguments through its results, since the study was not able to provide strong support for any one side. Moreover, the coverage it received in the media was a large indicator of how inconclusive the results were. This media coverage includes articles, which both, support the stance of the study, as well as those, which criticize it. Thus, one can infer from this that the media is sufficient in representing the findings of this study in a manner that users can make an informed decision. This is apparent in the fact that some of these media articles have taken apart the findings of this study piece by piece, and have derived both supporting and opposing views, both of which are available to the user for decision-making. To study this representation of the results by the media, it is important to evaluate both, those articles that support the findings of the study and those that criticize them. Thus, the two articles this paper will be studying, which are in favor of the study’s findings are “Some common vitamin supplements could increase death risk, study finds,” by Joseph Brownstein (2011) of My Health News Daily at and “Vitamin pills warning for older women,” written by Adam Cresswell (2011), the Health editor for The Australian. Furthermore, the paper will also study two articles that oppose the findings of this study, namely “Shame on AMA’s Archives of Internal Medicine” (n.d. 2011) published on the website of Alliance for Natural Health, USA and “Can Supplements Increase a Woman’s Risk of Dying? Study: Multivitamins, Iron, and Folic Acid Supplements May Increase Older Women’s Risk of Dying,” written by Denise Mann (2011) from WebMD Health News. Each of these four articles is a fair representation of how the media has chosen to portray the findings of this study to the public. One very important indicator of whether these media sources have offered complete and unbiased information will be whether they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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