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Nutritional Knowledge amongst community pharmacists - Dissertation Example

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Table of Contents Table of Contents i Acknowledgment ii Abstract iii 1.0. Introduction and Literature Review 1 2.0. Methodology 18 2.1. Research Instrument 19 2.2 Pilot Testing 20 2.3. Data Collection Procedure 21 2.4. Data Analysis 22 3.0. Results 24 3.1…
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Nutritional Knowledge amongst community pharmacists
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"Nutritional Knowledge amongst community pharmacists"

Download file to see previous pages Appendix 3: Results of Reliability Analysis 57 Acknowledgment Nutritional Knowledge amongst Pharmacists Abstract This study ventured to examine the nutritional knowledge and awareness among community pharmacists in the West Yorkshire region in the United Kingdom, to find ways by which the potential of this group of health care professionals can be harnessed to advance health promotion and disease prevention in the neighbourhood. Descriptive research was adopted in the conduct of the study, utilizing quantitative techniques and survey methodology. A 37-item researcher-constructed questionnaire was developed and piloted to establish stability reliability using the pre-test - post-test procedure. Respondents were selected by way of simple random sampling, where a total of 84 respondents voluntarily participated in the study. Results of the study were presented using both descriptive and inferential measures. Key findings revealed that the respondents are most knowledgeable in the areas of pregnancy and elderly and general nutrition and that these pharmacists are taking an active stance in their expanding role as nutrition counsellors. However, 87.5% of the pharmacists admitted they do not have sufficient nutritional background. The nutritional assessment showed that the mean overall percentage score was 62.81%. Only the scores in the areas of general nutrition and drug – nutrient interactions showed significant relationship with nutritional background. Among the recommendations formulated to support the counsellor role of the community pharmacists are: incorporation of substantial modules in nutrition in the pharmacy curriculum, institution of formal mechanisms to foster interest among pharmacist to hone their expertise in nutritional counselling, and encouraging research in the field of nutrition in the pharmaceutical context. 1.0. Introduction and Literature Review The role of a professional pharmacist was depicted by Reeves (2005) as one which “has fitted itself and its practitioner to the needs of the public health and welfare, whatever they might be and regardless of mode or pattern ... [one] who holds dear the glorious heritage of the thousands of years” (p. 175). The task of pharmacists may be traced back early in history to be of common ancestry with a physician in general practice as apothecaries. As recalled by Bond (2009), apothecaries used to dispense medicines prescribed by doctors, and / or recommend medications for those members of the population who can not afford to consult a physician. In the modern era, pharmacists are health care professionals whose specialty includes the actions, use and chemistry of drugs, as well as their formulation into medicines, and the methods by which these are utilised in the management of illnesses. The main function of a pharmacist is, therefore, to apply such expertise to enhance the efficacy of patient care. Another role of a pharmacist is to guide patients in deriving the greatest benefit from their prescribed medication and in offering advice to the general public regarding the management of the so-called self-limiting and minor conditions (Bond, 2009). Pharmacists also help consumers in the selection of effective medications from a range of over-the-counter drugs or as members of a team of health care professionals. Traditionally, pharmacists practice their profession in association with a health care facility or either as independent or salaried ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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