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Program’s Goal and Objectives The primary goal of the program is to educate Latino children on the side effects of obesity along with educating them through current set of information on curtailing it in the short as well as in the long run. The objectives include changing the perception of Latino community in terms of health behavior along with empowering them through knowledge and support. Intervention Program The intervention program is based on applying health care strategies including individual and group education. It involves trained educators and facilitators offering good amount of information on obesity issues, ways to curtail it, nutrition plan and diet regimen. It also involves group and individual interactions to increase knowledge, skills and support in an effective and efficient manner (Baranowski, Cullen, Thompson, 2002). Need for Change There is a need to revamp the Latino community in terms of offering healthy insights on health problems and issues. The common perception towards diet, nutrition and obesity needs to be changes through effective knowledge and communication. This change is necessary for the success of the society and people. This will inject good amount of confidence in children along with making them healthy and independent in the present as well as in the future. It needs to be understood that changes are always welcome and this is one of them. Intervention Strategies The intervention strategies are mainly based on predisposing, enabling and reinforcing

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factors that are very much necessary to achieve the aims and objectives of the intervention program. A close study of aims and objectives would help in understanding the reflection of predisposing, enabling and reinforcing factors. The intervention strategies revolve around individual and group education based on sharing of ideas, motivational activities, educating children on diet and healthy habits, fundamentals of exercise and healthy thinking (Sallis, Owen, 1998). The group education would be followed individual education where children would be educated and motivated as per their issue and problem. Thus, it can be said that intervention strategies are good enough to achieve the proposed aims and objectives of the program. Complete information on the intervention program has been highlighted through the chart. The intervention programs would run for a week addressing wide arrays of obesity related problems among Latino Children. For this purpose, data and facts would also be collected from the local health care communities to have an idea of the population and their problems. Level of Prevention While developing the intervention strategies, respecting the needs and wants of the targeted population was of utmost priority. Their sentiments and emotions were not hurt but respected along with offering them the confidence of sharing their personal health opinions in an illustrative manner. It needs to be understood that preventive measures are only effective when there is mutual support and understanding. Intervention Level In this particular intervention program, primary level of intervention is of little significance considering the health problem already being known and discovered. Secondary intervention can be of great use and impact as it happens when the problem is already diagnosed. The goal is to halt the progress of the disease and in this case, children would be educated along with off


Running Head: health science and medicines Development of Intervention [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] [Name of the Professor] [Course] Abstract Childhood obesity is one of the major health problems prevailing in the Latino Community (Korte (2009)…
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