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Tow Qustions - Essay Example

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The term program includes any organizational initiative that aims at the provision of products or services (Rossi et al., 2004, p8). Examples of programs are…
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Tow Qustions
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Extract of sample "Tow Qustions"

Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, program evaluation seeks to evaluate if the program is worthwhile, needs improvement or re-focusing.
The program evaluation that sparked my interest is the assessment of the juvenile justice programs. The juvenile justice programs are tasked with transforming delinquents into socially functioning individuals. Rarely do citizens question the effectiveness and success of such a respected public institution. This evaluation utilizes SPEP (Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol) to determine the efficiency of the juvenile institution (Rossi et al., 2004, p23).
The SPEP compares several juvenile justice programs to determine their effectiveness. Prior to evaluating this effectiveness, the researchers developed a meta-analysis of the programs. Meta-analyses are a definitive way used in assessing the best practices from the analysis of several studies on programs. The meta-analyses aim at improving the program, in our case the juvenile justice, to achieve efficiency and effectiveness (Bardach, 2012, p68). Other techniques used in the evaluation program for the juvenile justice program are the OJJDP’s strategy that assesses the current juvenile systems.
This program evaluation aims at improving on the juvenile justice record of positively changing the lives of delinquents. The evaluation aims at instigating change and reform in this system responsible for the lives of misguided youths. It further aims at disapproving certain methods used in, such as the use of confinement to discipline delinquents.
The results of the program evaluation are not definitive. However, the researchers leave several guidelines and recommendations that suggest the best way forward for the juvenile justice program. This way is based on the results gathered from the research. All stakeholders of the program are addressed individually as the evaluation seeks to improve on the program’s effectiveness ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tow Qustions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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