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Controversies Surrounding Stem Cell Research - Essay Example

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Controversies Surrounding Stem Cell Research Name: University: Abstract Stem cell research is a scientific practice surrounded by many controversies and critics. Advocates of the approach deem that the method is very useful since it helps in secret treatment of some detrimental diseases…
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Controversies Surrounding Stem Cell Research
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Controversies Surrounding Stem Cell Research

Download file to see previous pages... It also discusses in favor of stem cell research and gives some benefits of adopting this approach. Introduction Stem cells are those cells with the ability to revitalize all body cells and to specialize into different cell types like nerve, blood and muscle cells despite being undifferentiated cells. For instance, in five-day-old embryos there are embryonic stem cells, which bring about the various cells and organ of the embryo. On the other hand, because of their pluripotent characteristic, the embryonic stem cells are able to single out along each of the three germ layers of cells in the embryo and create the germ line. In addition, the embryonic stem cells are very important for various purposes in biomedical and scientific research. Among the various functions of stem cells, include dealing with basic questions in developmental biology (Hyun, 2008). In addition, for the patients with degenerative disease or have an injury, the cells could replace the damaged or sick cells. Until lately, research has been using the stem cells from excess or rejected embryos stored at in-vitro fertilization clinics (Reaves, 2001). Some studies indicate that it is possible to funnel embryonic stem cells to grow into heart muscle cells that clump together and pulse in spooky unison in a laboratory. Moreover, it is evident that there is improved recovery upon an administration of an injection of heart cells to mice or pigs with heart disease (Weiss, 2011). Another use of the stem cells is in generation of synthetic trachea, where there is no need for death or donation. This means that there can be a drastic move from transplanting organs to manufacturing them for patients. This idea would do best for simple organs like blood vessels, tracheas and ureters (Coghlan, 2011). Nordqvist (2011) adds that stem cells are a remedy for Stargardt's macular dystrophy, which causes progressive loss of vision and macular degeneration. Moreover, the degeneration in the pigmented layer of the retina can cause photoreceptor loss, which could eventually cause blindness. Consequently, human embryonic stem cells can grow to be any type of cell, including retina. There has been use of similar stem cell therapies in the past two years by researchers to create larynxes and ureters. In addition, there are teams working around the globe to develop complex synthetic organs including livers and hearts that are animal- human hybrids (Coghlan, 2011). Conversely, there are demonstrations of surprising adaptability in lab experiments in adult stem cells taken from the blood or organs of healthy adults. Although these cells are slightly useful to scientists, they do not exhibit the same promise as those picked from embryos. Since they are rather set in their techniques, adult cells do not replicate or grow as fast as their younger equivalents (Reaves, 2001). Controversies surrounding the use of stem cell research Although the use of stem cells for research was primarily scientific, it has also turned political causing debates all over the world. These debates threaten the splitting traditional alliances; leave some abortion opponents in an uneasy spot while at the same time challenges our understanding of life. In addition, there is a controversy surrounding embryonic stem cells since they originate from the inner cell mass of a blastocyst, the term for a fertilized egg four days after conception. This fact stirs a huge controversy where many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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