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The controversies over stem cell - Research Paper Example

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Customer’s Name: Course: Stem Cell Research 12 December 2012 Human beings have made incredible progress in the past and the process is certainly ongoing, stem cells have made a huge difference in the world. It has cured several incurable diseases and it has provided a lifeline to those who had no hope of survival…
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The controversies over stem cell research
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Download file to see previous pages Stem cell research is particularly useful for patients suffering from hemophilia. Hemophilia is very complicated and stem cell research helps in curing it, there are other blood related diseases which can also be cured using stem cells this goes to show that we have made tremendous progress in the field of science and research. The research was initially conducted in mice and it was found that their blood problems had been cured because of stem cells and the same has been found to be true in case of human beings. It is very fair to say that stem cell research has been really useful when it comes to treating diseases like hemophilia, stem cells can also cure several other blood diseases which were previously incurable and many more such advancements are expected to be made in the near future. The diseases that are incurable today may not be incurable tomorrow such is the power of science and research. Stem Cell Research- a clash of Science vs. Ethics, could well be a debate that might go on for generations as every individual has a different opinion about the subject. Should we allow doctors to play God and reverse our own destiny? Should we strive to provide cures that reverse the processes of injury and death? Or do we hold strong on our religious and moral aspects? These are the sorts of questions that have sparked the massive debate we have today. This field of science particularly deals with factors like cell plasticity and its capacity for “trans-differentiation” and “de-differentiation” in forming particular tissue types (Stojanoski et al, 2009). The clinical application of this property has been of much interest to biomedical researchers in the recent years. Though the potential of stem cell research has been confirmed to have much clinical relevance, many social and spiritual controversies have been raised due to the developments in this field. Pierret and Friedrichsen (2009) have analyzed the sociological aspects of stem cell research. Their study has urged serious discussion, both among college students and other social elements, on the ethical issues pertaining to stem cell research (Pierret & Friedrichsen, 2009). The authors have developed a new course termed ‘Stem cells and Society’ to attract the attention of students towards scientific realities in the research and also to the moral issues related to it. (Pierret & Friedrichsen, 2009). The study has also critically analyzed the ethical controversies that had erupted in relation to similar scientific innovations (Pierret & Friedrichsen, 2009). The purpose of our study, though, is not to argue about one particular stand point but to discuss both the view points and finally to allow readers to draw their own opinions and conclusions. In addition the process has been facilitated by providing an integrative review that details previous research, theories, explanations and answers and then counteracting them with questions and objections so that at the end of our research readers can make their own rationalistic conclusion. First Article: Introduction This particular article talks about Embryonic stem cells and how they can be used for the best. Stem cells can be crucial in reconstructive surgeries and it has proved extremely helpful in many cases. In this method the micromass technique is used and this technique is extremely useful ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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