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The Federal Government Should Provide Financial support for stem cell - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Federal Government and Financial Support for Stem Cell Research Introduction Cells are the building blocks of living things. However, these cells come in a variety of types such as skin cells, brain cells, muscles cells and bone cells…
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The Federal Government Should Provide Financial support for stem cell research
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"The Federal Government Should Provide Financial support for stem cell"

Download file to see previous pages That is, they are progenitor cells that can become any part of the body, they self-rebuild. Such cells are referred to as the human stem cells. In the human body, they are only found in the brain, bone marrow, skin and liver. They can repair moderate damage (Forman, 2007, pgs. 1-6). Another kind of stem cell, however, is more versatile and is referred to, as the embryonic stem cells. They come from embryos or unborn humans in the very earliest stages of life. To be used in stem cell research, they must be less than one-week-old (Forman, 2007, pg. 8). It is these cells, which can develop into every cell in the body. They are the source of debate over stem cell research and the role that the federal government should play in the funding of such research. This paper will highlight the benefits that the citizens of the United States will gain from all forms of stem cell research, which are funded by the federal government. It will also outline the gains that would be reaped if the federal government failed to fund such research and the funds are channeled to other sectors of the economy whose results are more assured. Stem Cell Research Stem cell research involves the study of both embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. ...
202-203). Stem cell research has known an enormous development and cellular transplantation and holds a great promise for regenerative medicine. Scientists present stem cell research as the key to several potential applications in research, drug discovery and trans-plantation medicine (Lynch, 2011, pg. 20). Arguments For and Against Federal Government Funding to Stem Cell Research Participants in the public debate surrounding human embryonic stem cell research and the administration’s funding policy have addressed themselves to many complicated and difficult ethical matters. As many people as are for government funding are also against government funding towards stem cell research, particularly, embryonic stem cell research. Arguments against Government Funding The predominant reason why the federal government should not fund the stem cell research program revolves around issues moral and ethics. They should not fund stem cell research because the use of embryonic stem cells will result to the embryo being destroyed. An embryo is a human life on equal standing with any other human life and it is wrong to destroy human life for any reason, even if it is with the goal of saving another (Forman, 2007, pgs. 27-28). The federal government funding of such research will be paramount to aiding in committing murder albeit not murder as is recognized by the law. It would be wrong to use tax dollars to encourage the destruction of human embryos. Not everyone is a fan of federal government funding for stem cell research. Some people argue that with individual states are taking much of the financial burden, the federal government should stay out of the more controversial aspects of stem cell science, such as work involving human embryos. They point out that in vitro ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stem cell research began during the 19th century when it was found that certain cells in the body had the potential to transform into other cells and by the early 20th century greater research was being carried out on these potential cells. Stem cell research have been conducted on human as well as animal cells, and in general, stem cells are of 3 types namely, totipotent cells, pluripotent cells and multipotent cells.
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