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Impact of Genectically Modified Food Sources - Essay Example

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Impact of Genetically Modified Food Sources I. Thesis – Genetically modified food has made a large impact on society and affected many communities. These effects are important to my thesis as they explain how food has become genetically altered since first becoming edible…
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Impact of Genectically Modified Food Sources

Download file to see previous pages... b. Food that comes from animals should be safe to eat and free of carcinogens, hormones and steroids. 1. Many animals are giving growth hormones to create more meat so more money can be made. 2. Steroids and genetically modifying medicines create animals that are missing body parts and allow for manufactures to make more money. 3. It seems as if genetically modified foods were created in order to minimize money lost from crop damage or animals not producing enough. II. Technology a. Technology is partly to blame for the start of genetically modified foods. 1. Genetically modified foods became most popular in the 1980’s. 2. 2/3 of the population consumes genetically modified foods and technology can be to thank. 3. Technology has allowed scientist to alter DNA and inject certain DNA traits that are favorable. III. Genetically modified foods have effects on one’s personal life and those in the community. a. One becomes afraid to eat foods because they have become so modified. 1. It is important to become better educated on the harmful effects. 2. People in the community can take action and avoid purchasing modified foods. Genetically modified food has made a large impact on society and affected many communities. These effects are important to my thesis as they explain how food has become genetically altered since first becoming edible. ...
In an article written by Grossman 2009, it is argued that “since the use of genetically modified foods, animals such as the monarch butterflies are being affected from genetically modified corn pollen”. This is proof that the whole living eco system is being affected from genetically modified food sources. This is obviously a large problem and events since genetically modified foods have been introduced have occurred more and more. The events have a large impact on society. What exactly is genetically modified food? Genetically modified foods are foods that contain specific traits. Genetically modified foods can happen in both plants and animals. “Plants that have been genetically modified are likely modified to create a plant that can withstand certain environmental conditions or bear more fruit”. (Dona, A., & Arvanitoyannis, I. S. 2009) Animals that have been genetically modified are likely to contain traits that allow them to produce what is said to be better milk, better antibodies and better quality meats. Animals can be genetically modified by becoming injected with different and more desirable strands of DNA. Technology is what has allowed the genetic modifications to talk place. The growth of technology since the 1980’s has allowed for scientist to develop ways to examine DNA and obtain specific traits from the DNA. Many of the desired traits are cloned and then injected into the desired animal. Documentation from the Institute of Science in Society 2006 explains that, “tests do not show future harmful affects genetically modified foods can have and studies show the use of injecting lab rats has killed many being tested.” Technological advances have only enabled and allowed genetically modified foods to become more acceptable. Since technology ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Genetically Modified Food
People in a comfortable position must contribute extensively to eradicate Poverty only then will the world become a better place to live in. There is a severe shortage of food in African countries, people die in the Dark Continent because of this shortage of food, genetically modified food is really useful and it can save many a life in Africa and all across the globe where poverty and hunger exist.
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Genetically Modified Food/Organisms
“The first commercial food product developed from gene slicing (a term for a type of genetic modification) was the Flavr Savr tomato.” (Schneider and Schneider). The tomato was produced through the concept of genetic modification where it could naturally ripen on the vine and could be firm enough to withstand the shipping after it is harvested.
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Genetically Modified Food
Nevertheless, there have been serious objections to the manufacture and distribution of GM foods, especially since "1993, Pioneer Hi-Bred International developed a soybean variety with an added gene from a Brazil nut, which is proven to encode proteins that can be allergenic to some people"2.
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Genetically Modified Food
Newer GM crops can enhance protein and nutrient availability, and even combat deficiencies e.g. the Swiss Golden rice unusually rich in Vitamin A. (Rice Biotechnology, 1999). Edible vaccines are being developed worldwide in tomatoes and potatoes. 1. Unpredictable changes to ecosystems, including harm to some species : A debated study showed increased death rates for monarch butterflies with GM corn, and scientists have expressed concerns that genes can be transferred between species unintentionally to promote widespread resistance to herbicides which may make the original problem worse.
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Environmental Risk of Genetically Modified Food
2001:5), it is accomplished by the incorporation of genes from other organisms hence have drawn environmental, health and economic concerns, implications of perceived safety issues and based on the fact that variant scientific approaches uses
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Genetically Modified Food
Genetically modified food is the result of fine genetic engineering, human beings have come a long way and some of the recent developments that have been made are truly startling. Every coin is two sided and this particular case is no different, research goes to show that genetically modified foods have a better resistance against pests when compared to natural food.
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Genetically Modified Food
Some studies argues predictability associated with gene modification in agriculture has the potential of strengthening economies of industrialized nations, lower use of pesticides and fight hunger in developing
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Genetic modified food in the U.S. (GMO)
A study conducted by Nelson (157) indicated that although not all GMOs have side effects on the consumers, there is a need to have an extensive research on the effects of all GMOs in order to avoid
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Genetically modified food
For instance, farmers from the past crossbred animals selectively with the intention of coming up with hybrids that would present better
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Genetically modified food
ng DNA such that information on the genetic material is now different from the initial natural information before the genetic modification (Miles, Ueland & Frewer, 2005). It can practically be explained by suggesting that a gene from another organism is introduced into the
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