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Homeostatic mechanism - Essay Example

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 In the paper “Homeostatic mechanism” the author will focus on homeostatic mechanism, which permits the body to maintain its internal and external mechanism even during extreme weathers.  The presence of veins and arteries in these places make it easy for them to do so…
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Homeostatic mechanism

Download file to see previous pages... The presence of veins and arteries in these places make it easy for them to do so. These receptors may then relay such signal to hypothalamus in the brain which serves as the integrator via the nerve fibers. If the hypothalamus may sense that the temperature is below the set point of is 37 degrees centigrade, it may in turn send message to the effectors acted by the skeletal muscle tissues to shiver as a response to produce heat. In the event that the temperature is back to set point as a result of feedback, the hypothalamus will stop stimulating the skeletal muscle to shiver (Thibodeau & Patton, 2003). Homeostatic mechanism does not apply in the regulation of body temperature alone but it also applies in regulating osmolarity or solute concentration of blood. The regulation process is through the kidneys known to regulate water and electrolytes in the blood. Eating a meal high in salt triggers a hypertonic condition which serves as stimulus to cause the osmoreceptors of the hypothalamus to shrink. This may in turn initiate thirst. As a result, the hypothalamus and neurosecretory cells in the posterior pituitary gland release anti diuretic hormone ADH). When this ADH reaches the cells, it activates a signal for the cells to be permeable to water. The water moves out of the capilliaries and goes back to the blood. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Physiology for health
A better understanding of the physiology of health includes answering the following questions: 1. Explain homeostatic mechanism? 2. Describe how homeostatic mechanism work to regulate osmoregulation and thermoregulation process? 3. Explain the function of cardiovascular and respiratory system in regulating body mechanisms?
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Additionally, the human body is reliant on a number of enzymes, many of which are at optimum operating levels at this temperature, with higher temperatures possibly leading to the denaturation of these (Timby, 2008). It is important to keep temperature at roughly this level, as extremely high or low temperatures can cause a number of problems.
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These shall now be discussed in this brief paper. From modernism to post-modern Modernism may be traced to the breakaway by Alfred Adler from Freud’s unconscious aspects of human behavior. Adler taught that “people govern themselves by a conscious need to express and fulfill themselves as unique individuals” (MConnell 2000).
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1.1: Body’s homeostatic mechanisms: The homeostatic mechanism of the human body is the process of maintenance of the static or the constant situations or conditions associated with the internal environment of the human body. This natural process is liable of controlling the mineral, water, air as well as the temperature concentration in the fluids of the human body within the narrow limits related to the inside as well as the outside structure of all the cells of the body (Rozelle and Wathen, 1993, p.3).
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In order for these systems to work as required and perform their functions normally, specific and stable conditions inside the body are more than necessary. Every single system of the human body is composed of tissues which are then composed of cells. Cell being the basic structural and functional unit of the body works with other cells and provide the body what it needs.
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Based on the changes in dietary patterns of individuals, in a normal healthy body glucose production by the liver is regulated and so is the case with the uptake of glucose by the muscles and other tissues. The two crucial mediators in this regulatory process are insulin and glucagon.
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Recognizing the culture and ethnicity are essential to create social programs that consider the overall perspective of the individual and the circumstances of conditions (Cox & Ephross, 1998). The UK Centre for the Measurement of Government Activity (2006) has prescribed in it evaluation that social services should be able to address not only known conditions but also those that are yet recognized.
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There are a wide number of changes that occur in the body. If these changes do not occur and the homeostatic mechanism keeps them at a set point for example body temperature which needs to be lowered or increased as per the changes in the external environment and if this temperature is kept at a set point, the body may not be able to survive at all.
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