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Personal fitness/wellness plan - Essay Example

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I scored an overall 632 points on the health assessment, out of a possible 880. According to the guide with the assessment, this means I have many healthy behaviors and attitudes, with room for improvement. …
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Personal fitness/wellness plan
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Download file to see previous pages I scored the highest on the Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco use section, most likely because I am a moderate drinker, I am a non-smoker, and I do not use any type of recreational drugs. I scored the lowest on the Spiritual and Psychological section. I find this to be strange, as I do not feel that I am spiritually unhealthy. I think it is unfair that this assessment requires some form of shared religious belief in order to be considered in good spiritual health, and especially that this is then considered to reflect on my psychological health. These are separate issues.
There are many flaws with this assessment. A number of this problems are fundamental to the style of the survey used. Even if I attempt to answer the questions honestly, the obvious nature of the "right" answer skews the results. Many of the questions lead heavily to a specific response. I believe this survey to be less a guide to one's actual health and more an indicator of what one believes one's health to be. Additionally, the answers are weighted the same for all sections, giving me the same number of positive points for not doing psychoactive drugs as are given for regular exercise. The drug and alcohol section especially is weighted far too highly for its effect on my overall health. Goals My goals are to reach a point of psychological and physical well-being. I want to be happy in my body. Primarily, I want to reach my goal weight so I can stop being "on a diet" and switch to a healthy lifestyle of eating habits for weight maintenance. I want to reach a point where I am fit enough to enjoy life and enjoy my children, and I especially want to be around to see my children grow up. Plan of Action Spiritual and Psychological Health My assessment indicates that I need to work most on my spiritual and psychological health. In order to improve in this area, I am attempting some religious self-discovery. I am planning to study the background and beliefs of a variety of religions and spiritual belief sets in order to learn more about what resonates personally for me. While I still do not agree that a regular meeting of people with a shared belief set is necessary for my continued well-being, I am open to the idea that a spiritual change may benefit me. Social and Occupational Health I scored well on the social and occupational portion, and the assessment did not indicate any particular areas of weakness. I have a fulfilling family life, I am succeeding at my educational goals, and I have an adequate if unremarkable career. My plan for this area then is to continue doing those things which have helped me reach this point of success. One change I would like to make is to spend more time with my family, but this may have to wait until I have finished my educational goals. Stress Management I also did reasonably well on the stress management section. Primarily my goals for stress management involve taking more time for myself to relax. I need to reach a point where I understand I can't do everything, and that I also do not have to do everything. Therefore, the biggest action to take in this area is to work on delegating household chores to others, so that I am not constantly being pulled to do something when I am home. Fitness I am on a physician-guided aerobic exercise plan, and so I succeeded in the fitness portion of the assessment. My plan for my general fitness is to speak to my doctor about replacing part of my aerobic exercise with strength training. Additionally, once the weather turns warmer, I will change some of the time I spend on the treadmill to walking outdoors, perhaps with my children after they return home from school. This will give me more variety in my fitness regime, and also make it more enjoyable. Combining this activity with my time with my children teaches them good fitness habits for their lives as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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