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Name of the of the professor Health sciences and medicine June 10, 2012 Paramedic science and Paramedics Now and future I have come a long way since I joined this profession. There was always a desire in me to opt for a profession in which I could contribute to the society and help the people in need…
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Paramedic science and Paramedics
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Download file to see previous pages No day is a routine day. Every day, the shifts are different, the locations changed and clinical scenarios unique. The work pertains to attending calls such as trauma, cardiac and respiratory emergencies, substance overdose and many other situations and every call teaches some lesson. Apart from providing clinical help, paramedics have to act as efficient organisers and counsellors. Thus, I have had exposure to varied situations and developed my clinical and personal skills immensely in this profession. As far as the goals for the future are concerned, I intend to complete my degree and then aim for further research in this field as the this aspect of the paramedic practice is still in its infancy. Also, after seeing the way my teachers educate and disseminate knowledge, I have become inspired to do so myself in future. Areas of effective learning and areas of possible growth The areas of effective learning have been clinical basics, assessment of clinical scenarios, decision making and execution, and patient care. Theoretical knowledge about the field of emergency medicine is the foundation on which other aspects of knowledge are built. Physiological, pharmacological, pathological and diagnostic knowledge are imparted as a part of the course. There are many factors that have impacted on my learning. My teachers have acted as my mentors and aided me on my journey to become a high quality paramedic. They have imparted me the required knowledge and encouraged me to seek more. For any health care practitioner, patients are the best teachers. By observing and interacting with them I have honed my clinical skills. Daily practice and company of my seniors and supervisors have significantly impacted on my learning and education. Apart from medical and clinical knowledge, soft skills are also a part of learning. My profession has taught me teamwork, leadership, time management, resilience, empathy, lifestyle management, organisational and prioritising skills. All these qualities are inherent in this science and are inevitably acquired in some time. However, these skills are also influenced by the willingness of the individual to learn and the mentor to teach. There is always a potential to grow no matter how intensive the training has been and the same is true of paramedic science. Given the evolution of this science into an entity of its own and crossover in to the domains of other health care professionals like physicians and nurses, there is a need to upgrade our skills and deliver high quality of care and in turn build up a rewarding practice. Clinical learning experience Clinical learning is an important part of paramedic curriculum. It involves practical application of the theoretical knowledge in real life context. It can be provided on-site in the real clinical setting with real patients. Budding paramedics observe and learn to perform procedures such as airway management, intravenous access, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, manual handling procedures and drug administration in difficult and uncontrolled environments. Students learn to cope with the limitation of resources and infrastructure, and emotional demands of the patients. This experience is important to develop the qualities of critical thinking, analysis, judgement, decision making and implementation, and public dealing. Apart from the field experience, another way of imparting clinical experience is through simulation equipment and techniques, and creating the clinical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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