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Allied Health Profession Allied health professions refer to the health professions that are not part of, but are integrated in, the mainstream health provisions such as nursing and medicine. The integration offers support and services to patients. I, in this paper, discuss paramedics as my Allied Health Profession of choice…
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Download file to see previous pages 1). The professionals’ roles also include evaluating the nature of patients’ needs at an accident scene or emergency room and making decisions on the appropriate action for saving the patients’ lives. Such decisions may be treating the patients and connecting life support machines to sustain the patients’ lives before access special treatments. Further to their independent care services, paramedics work closely with other health care professionals such as nurses, patients’ relatives, and safety offices such as the police and fire service officers (NHS Careers, n.d.). One of the identifiable characteristics of paramedics is their consistency as the first care personnel to arrive at an accident site. They are also conspicuous in emergency care rooms. In accident scenes, paramedics work in pairs and with an ambulance but are sometimes assisted by a care assistant or technician. There are however cases where paramedics work alone and may use a “motorbike, emergency response car or even a bicycle” (NHS Careers, n.d., p. 1). A paramedic can also serve as an air ambulance crew but this requires more training (NHS Careers, n.d.). ...
Lack of their skills would worsen the already realized conditions among patients. The accident involved a collapsed building that trapped victims under the ramble. While people were still stranded on how to overcome the resultant dust and rescue the victims, a team of paramedics arrived with their protective masks and was able to rescue most of the victims. The team was also able to offer first aid care and put victims who were already unconscious on oxygen support as they were rushed to the nearest hospital. Even though some of the victims succumbed to the accident, it was clear that the number of fatalities would have been more had it not been for the role of the paramedics. I also chose the profession because of its diversified scope that extends to elements of the mainstream healthcare professions. Paramedics can offer primary care and their quick response guarantees emergency care and these makes it fundamental to people’s lives and the society’s quality of life. Paramedics are certified after completing a university course in paramedic science, entry into which is subject to a threshold pass in final secondary education. The minimum qualifications from secondary school further include pass in English and Mathematics but the exact marks for the qualifications may vary from one institution to another. A valid driving license is another entry requirement into the profession and corresponds to the paramedics operations with ambulances. Further professional training is also necessary into the profession’s practice. Paramedic profession, like many others, operates under professional bodies. In the United States, the profession lacks a national professional body but there exist regional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Choose a AHp Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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